Chandan K Anand: “I can say I am a blessed actor”


Chandan K Anand is an actor who has experience in a number of genres – TV, theatre, film and no web-series. With ZEE5’s ‘Rangbaaz’ doing well with the audiences, the actor has some promising projects coming up. caught up with the actor recently.

You’ve managed to crossover through different mediums – theatre, film, TV and online. When you look back at your career, how does this feel?
I feel proud because acting is an art form, where you have to keep your core strong and my core is the right balance of all the emotions and chakras. If you have worked and exercised on your craft then the performances and characterisations are out of my league to create. It happens naturally and that’s the time I can say I am a blessed actor.

‘Rangbaaz’ has been received very well. Did you have a feeling it would be a success?
Not really. I just went and did my job, like any other job. I knew it would come across as a strong and a good film but didn’t know it would be a huge success.

Do you think your theatre background allowed you to keep yourself versatile?
Yes. Whosoever I am today, whether audiences like my work or not, all the credit goes to my theatre training and my teachers N.K (Actone) and Arvind Gaur (Asmita).

Has there been any one project that has remained very close to your heart no matter what you’ve taken up?
Yes there is. Bhaage Re Mann is one show produced by ZEE which is now on Netflix. I played the protagonist and that is close to my heart the most because of great ensemble cast and technical team. We were like a big fat family and it was the most well-written content offered.

Do you have a dream role which you hope to be offered soon?
I have played a lead in a rom-com but I would love to do a hardcore passionate love-action film as a lead. And I think I can pull it off successfully with ease and it will be the best, I assure.

Do you feel web shows are overtaking TV and the market in India is changing?
Nobody is overtaking anybody. Just webseries are coming up now. It’s a different platform catering the youth. Anywhich ways we never got time to sit n watch television, it’s made for altogether for different audiences. Now we are watching web as half of youth life in online , we are glued to phone screens in car at home on plane before sleep. So web are into web everywhere. Careful! .

Audiences seem to be demanding better content, especially in the last few years. Many say it’s a great time to be in the industry – what’s your take?
All’s well until you are enjoying your work. Yes, great content and stories are coming up. It’s exciting and a busy time for all the actors, writers, technicians and producers.

How do you decide which projects to choose and which ones to decline?
We just put our brains but eventually that is also not in my control. I just surrender to the story, character and money of course and start my journey to play a part. Other aspects become secondary and being into that role becomes important. So the role should give me a kick that I have scope to live this character.

What can we look forward to which is coming up?
Well those who haven’t seen Rangbaaz , do watch it. Apart from that, there’s Viacom’s film Body with Imran and Rishi Kapoor sahib, and I worked in Ajai Rai’s produced film Bamfaad. thanks Chandan K Anand for taking the time to talk to us.

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