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Avinash Pandey to step down as CEO at ABP Network

The CEO of ABP Network Avinash Pandey will be leaving after two decades at the company.

Pandey joined ABP Network in 2005 and over the years held key positions that contributed to making the brand one of the most successful and respected amongst the nation’s broadcasters. In January 2019, Pandey was appointed as the CEO of ABP Network and under his stewardship, ABP Network further diversified into untapped verticals and markets in the broadcast and digital sphere.

Pandey joined ABP Network in 2005 and has held key positions that significantly contributed to making the brand one of the most successful and respected in the nation’s broadcasting industry. In January 2019, he was appointed as the CEO of ABP Network.

The Chief Editor & Director of the ABP Network, Atideb Sarkar, commented on Pandey’s departure: “I would like to thank Avinash for his immense contributions to ABP Network. During his two decades in the company, it has grown manifold in reach, revenue and impact. His leadership in the past five years has seen us at the forefront of digital broadcasting while extending our reach from Jammu to Kanyakumari. He played a key role in our award-winning centenary campaign. On a personal note, he has been a pleasure to work with, a joyful fellow traveller in my professional journey, and a friend. Thank you, Avinash, for all that you have brought to the ABP family. We wish you success and happiness in your future endeavours.”

Avinash Pandey said, “I wish to thank the Sarkar Family and Atideb Sarkar, Chief Editor & Director, in particular, for having reposed such faith in me, that I could play a meaningful part in ABP Network’s exhilarating journey of excellence in digital and broadcast. I have found a good friend for life in him. I could achieve all this in 20 years because of an excellent team that surrounded me. I was lucky to meet and work with them and have developed a bonding that’s going to last life-long.” Mr. Pandey added that the ABP Network would always hold a special place in his heart. He added: “One leaves ABP but ABP never leaves an individual.”