Calls to replace BBC A. Network with kids station

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Campaigners have urged the BBC to replace the troubled BBC Asian Network on national DAB digital radio with a children’s radio station.

It has been claimed that children’s education has been hampered due to the lack of exposure to radio programmes and this new initiative could help.

A coalition of teachers and education experts is calling on the BBC to abandon its flagging Asian Network and create a station geared specifically towards young children instead.

The Sound Start Group believes a service airing daily songs, stories, games and quizzes would provide better value for money while boosting children�۪s learning ability.

A poll by Ipsos MORI found that 23 per cent of people believe a children�۪s radio station should be the BBC�۪s highest priority. By comparison, 19 per cent favoured 5 Live Extra, 17 per cent R7, 16 per cent 6 Music, 9 per cent Radio 1Xtra, and 7 per cent the Asian Network.

The BBC Asian Network will closedown nationally next year to save the millions of pounds being spent on digital radio. It will continue to broadcast regionally, details of which are expected in October.

Extracts from The Telegraph