‘Burka Avenger’ set to dominate Geo Tez schedule

'Burka Avenger' set to launch on Geo Tez
'Burka Avenger' set to launch on Geo Tez

Geo Tez is set to launch a new action packed cartoon series called ‘Burka Avenger’ this weekend.

The superhero is described as a mild-mannered teacher with secret martial arts skills who uses a flowing black burka to hide her identity as she fights local thugs seeking to shut down the girls’ school where she works.

The Urdu cartoon has been put together by one of Pakistan’s biggest pop stars, Aaron Haroon Rashid ��� known to many as simply Haroon ��� who conceived of it as a way to emphasize the importance of girls’ education and teach children other lessons, such as protecting the environment and not discriminating against others.

The series is set in Halwapur, a fictional town nestled in the soaring mountains and verdant valleys of northern Pakistan. The Burka Avenger’s true identity is Jiya, whose adopted father, Kabbadi Jan, taught her the karate moves she uses to defeat her enemies. When not garbed as her alter ego, Jiya does not wear a burka, or even a less conservative headscarf over her hair.

The main bad guys are Vadero Pajero, a balding, corrupt politician who wears a dollar sign-shaped gold medallion around his neck, and Baba Bandook, an evil magician with a bushy black beard and mustache who is meant to resemble a Taliban commander.

‘Burkha Avenger’ kicks off on Geo Tez on Sunday 28th July at 18:00.

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