Bups Sagu signs to VIP Records & releases new single

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

'Bups Sagoo releases 'Punjabi Hurrr'
'Bups Sagoo releases 'Punjabi Hurrr' on VIP Records

After releasing his debut album ‘Redefined’ on the Moviebox label, Wolverhampton-based producer Bups Sagu has announced his new single ‘Punjabi Hurrr ‘ on the VIP Records label.

The track is taken from Sagu’s upcoming album ‘Global’ releasing later this year.

Bups describes ‘Punjabi Hurrr’ as a track that ���explores and promotes the strength and pride associated with the Punjabi identity, it�۪s a feel-good track that makes you proud to be Punjabi and the video was designed to reflect a variety of sporting talents found within the Punjabi community.�۝

Bups hit it the big time with his debut album ‘Redefined’ featuring����’Photo Rakh Ke’ with Miss Pooja, ‘Matha Tekhiya’ with Lehmber Hussainpuri and the ‘Kolaveri Di’ (Party Mix) with Jati Cheed.