Brit-Asian film ��Amar, Akbar & Tony�۪ begins shooting in London

New British Independent being shot in West London
'Amar, Akbar & Tony' being shot in London

Stars of television and the silver screen are among the cast line-up in a new feature film set to begin shooting in London this week. The cast features some of British Asian community�۪s most recognised celebrities alongside talented newcomers and familiar home-grown talent.

��Amar, Akbar & Tony�۪, is an independent production by writer and first-time film director Atul Malhotra, which embodies and celebrates the unique and vibrant landscape of the UK. The film is a comedy drama with a highly original plotline and cleverly developed script, ��Amar, Akbar & Tony�۪ is scheduled for release later this year.

The cast line-up includes Rez Kempton, Sam Vincenti and Martin Delaney who play the three main protagonists ��� ��Amar, Akbar and Tony�۪.

The film also stars the multi-talented actress and singer-songwriter Karen David, Laura Aikman and Goldy Notay.

Atul Malhotra said: ���My vision is to portray on film, the self-assuredness and determination of the multicultural youth of today. There have been so many portrayals of Asian people wanting to escape from their cultural heritage, but I wanted to explore the contrasting angle. The film will embrace the vibrancy and distinctiveness of this influential culture and will wear its Asian heart proudly on its sleeve. My film is a celebration of the bonds that tie us together through friendship, love, loss and ultimately redemption.�۝

Filmed on location in and around London and in particular on the famous streets of Southall, home to a thriving and successful Asian community, the film aims to appeal to a wide audience attracting the forward-thinking, modern generation of British Asians.

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