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Brit Asia announces launch of music investment fund with RECHORD.XYZ

Brit Asia TV and RECHORD.XYZ have secured a partnership to support talented musicians. Creating a ‘recording studio in your pocket’ concept that allows recording, mixing and sharing music with ease. Brit Asia will be guiding and mentoring upcoming artists through the entire process from pre to post production.

Exclusively targeting the Asian communities worldwide, RECHORD.XYZ launches later this year.

The new partnership aims to help talented musicians who have struggled to get an opportunity Brit Asia took aim to change the game with a partnership that gives these artists the opportunity based off of their skill set rather than connections and resources.

Shergill said: “Given the BritAsia Fund’s commitment to promoting, supporting and investing in the Asian community, not to mention our channels’ influential position not only in Bollywood and Bhangra, but also across Asian R&B, Urban, Hip Hop and Underground music internationally, creating a music fund to complement those activities was a natural next step.

“I’m delighted that RECHORD.XYZ is the first investment to emerge from this initiative. There are more than 5m bands and 20m content makers worldwide using mobile devices to make music today, and together we have some extraordinarily exciting plans for the app in India and the UK, we integrate this across our broadcast offering here in the UK and back in India, not to mention our designs to launch an entirely original Record Label.”