Brexit talk lands Zing in trouble with Ofcom

'Zing Jukebox Live'
‘Zing Jukebox Live’

Zing has been rapped by Ofcom for what seems like influencing viewers opinion in the run-up to the EU referendum.

In an episode of ‘Zing Jukebox Live’ hosted by Asad Shan on Tuesday 21st June, the presenter was picked up by Ofcom saying, “���Now guys, you have a big responsibility coming this coming Thursday okay, the Brexit vote is happening. So what are you guys planning to do? For me personally, I�۪m voting ��out�۪. I believe in independence; I believe the country will be more stronger if there was independence ��� all the money that the tax payers are paying should be spent on the people of this country. Sort the pot-holes out, sort the hospitals out. More schools, less GP waiting time I think, and the economy�۪s stronger if we stay out of Europe so I am voting out of Europe. That is my Brexit perspective�۝.

Later in the show, Shan reiterated his message about the vote, saying, “���Also guys, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity on Thursday…make sure you vote wisely. I�۪m definitely voting ��out�۪ of Europe. I hope you make the right decision and do the right call.”

In response to this, ZEE Network said it “highlighted the disclaimer broadcast before the programme but said it understood that it was responsible for the content that is broadcast on this and its other services. As a result of this incident, the Licensee said it will ���ensure that the production staff is reminded that the requirements of Sections Five and Six of the Broadcasting Code also applies to light entertainment programmes��_and that another training session is organised to revisit the Ofcom guidelines�۝. It also said it was removing Mr Shan from his role presenting the programme.”

Ofcom said it considered that this programme failed to preserve due impartiality and to include ���an appropriately wide range of significant views�۝. Ofcom considered that this material had clearly breached Rule 6.1 (and Rules 5.11 and 5.12).

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