Boxer Amir Khan’s parents feud continues; leaves mother in tears

BizAsia Correspondent



Boxer Amir Khan has embroiled in further controversy after a three-year feud with his parents continued.

According to The Sun, the fall-out spiralled out of control leaving his mother in “floods of tears” on his doorstep.

It is said that Falak went round to Khan’s house after hearing the news about her son and daughter-in-law’s third child pregnancy. However, she was left ringing his doorbell and was unable to see him.

Only last week, Khan was cited in The Sun saying, “I speak to them all the time – everything is cool between them.

“I’m in a sport where one punch can change your life, and I thought, ‘be nice to everyone’.”

However, a source told The Sun, “Amir is banned from talking to his parents by Faryal and her mother, who also ensure that he doesn’t mix with them.

“The fight took an ugly turn when Amir and Faryal announced that they were expecting their third child.

“Amir’s parents were joyous at the news but only found out via the media.

“In Islamic tradition, the children are supposed to share good news with their parents first, and Amir’s parents were disappointed they chose to announce it publicly.

“Falak was overjoyed and rang Amir, who was at home. He confirmed the news, and despite the bad blood she darted around to see him.

“But she was unable to see him.

“After an hour, she returned home in tears, crying and sobbing since.

“Every aspect of his life is controlled by his wife and mother-in-law, who have banned him from talking to his own parents.”

Khan’s representative has denied the news saying the boxer was not at home during this incident.