Box Office: Pooja Bhatt to delay ‘Cabaret’ release?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Cabaret - Richa, Gulshan 340x

Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming adult thriller ‘Cabaret’ could be postponed from its 27th May release date, to push the film’s marketing.

Bhatt told SpotboyE, “We are working towards May 27 for the release of Cabaret but I am very clear that we shall not release it until we have given our best marketing push. All three of us- T-Series, Waves Group and I- need to exercise our clout fully, it would be unfair to my product to compete with films which have been made at 5 times its cost and have been backed by publicity campaigns 20 times higher.”

She added, “My film has been made very well. It deserves as much a chance out there as any of the so-called biggies. If we feel that we are failing to provide that, we shall delay the film.”

‘Cabaret’ stars Richa Chadha.