Box Office: Ajith Kumar’s ‘Thunivu’ takes lead over Vijay’s ‘Varisu’

Johar Deep



The Tamil box office war reignited this week after Ajith Kumar’s ‘Thunivu’ went head-to-head with Vijay’s ‘Varisu’.

Collectively, the films collected a gross business of Rs. 42.5 crore on their opening day in Tamil Nadu. ‘Thunivu’ garnered Rs. 23 crore gross on its first day, compared to Rs. 19.5 crore for ‘Varisu’.

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Andhra Box Office tweeted, “Thunivu ( ₹23 crore gross) has won the first day battle against Varisu ( ₹19.5 crore gross) in Tamil Nadu. Approximate figures. But mostly due to better distribution! In All Red Giant Areas of #arisu, both are neck and neck.”