‘Boss’ producer in row with film critic on Twitter

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Akshay Kumar in 'Boss'
Akshay Kumar in 'Boss'

Producer of the recent Akshay Kumar starer ‘Boss’, Ashwin Varde had a falling out with Indian film critic, Rajeev Masand earlier today after he snubbed the filmmaker from a series of special TV shows.

The critic, who presents a film show on CNN-IBN tweeted Varde that not every celebrity on his show was brought in by PR agencies. He said, “Thoda credit toh humein bhi do…Maybe they think I’m a decent journalist, na?”

In response to this, Varde said, “I wish you were a decent journalist. You are not. Yo just want to make your TV show better.” He added, “That says it all. Directors who can’t come on your show will not be given their due. It is all about who will come. Say that.”

Masand blamed the unavailability of directors for the reason of them not coming on his show. He tweeted, “If they can’t make it for a shoot bec they’re traveling, how is that my fault? I reviewed their films glowingly.”

The conversation concluded with Varde getting personal, “If I were your boss, I would have sacked you long ago for your unjustified stands. But you are lucky I am not your boss.”

Masand then sarcastically congratulated Varde on the debacle of ‘Boss’, “Wow that’s a lot of hatred Ashwin. I’ll leave you now with your negativity. Congrats on Boss, btw!”

Varde’s last words to Masand were, “Hahaha. When honesty is labeled as hatred, you know what’s in store. Thanks for your compliments on Boss.”

After this, it appeared that Masand had deleted some messages from the thread, leaving Varde to have the final say. “Am told that Masand has deleted all the messages I sent him. Wanted people to know if I’m justified or not. Guess this is the new journalism.”