BizAsia talks to Sunidhi Chauhan about her UK Tour 2013

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The ever-popular Sunidhi Chauhan has a voice that gives goose bumps and she has been singing from a very young age. Chauhan is currently on a UK tour and has wowed the crowds in Leicester and Manchester ahead of her much-awaited performance on Friday 27 September at the Royal Albert Hall (please see ticket purchase information below). BizAsia had the fabulous opportunity to catch up with the lady herself while she is in London preparing for the concert on Friday.

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BizAsia interviews Sunidhi Chauhan

Firstly, a warm welcome to London.

Thank you. I’m happy to be here.

This is going to be your first time performing at the renowned Royal Albert Hall. How do you feel about the experience?

It’s a very overwhelming feeling. Yesterday I had a short visit there. I just wanted to get a feel of the place. I was at the peak of my happiness and so overjoyed. I was looking around and the feeling of being there was just wow. It was fantastic. I was looking around and felt as if I was floating. It was a beautiful feeling and I’m so excited to be performing there. It’s a total privilege and honour to be able to perform there.

You have been expressing on Twitter that you have been enjoying your time in London. For you, what makes this city so special?

The weather is beautiful at this time. For me it’s special because I’m getting to spend a lot of time in London otherwise I just come and go. This time I’m really enjoying the vibe, the people around and this place has got it’s own buzz. I love Hyde Park; I went for a jog over there. It’s been wonderful staying in London.

Your Royal Albert Hall concert is happening on Friday. Are there any surprises that are a part of the concert which you can let us in on?

The best thing about this time is that it’s my solo concert and that too at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall which is very special. As for surprises, I try my level best to entertain to the fullest. Yes there are a couple of surprises but I won’t talk about them right now.

There are many of your songs that are definite crowd-pleasers but are there any songs that you particular enjoy performing live?

There is going to be a section where I get to perform songs which I don’t really get to sing on stage. They are mainly the soft and slow numbers and people have really liked them. I like to do those songs and, of course, we are celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema so there’ll be a slight touch of that too.

Do you have any personal favourites that you like performing?

Actually there are many but if I had to pick one then it would be Be Intehaan and also Te Amo.

Do you think these two songs are good for a British audience?

Yes, people definitely love hearing these songs on stage. What I do to these songs is a bit different to the originals so that’s what is special about these two.

You’ve had such a successful career. What would you say is your most outstanding moment so far?

Wow, there have been plenty. I suppose the most outstanding was when I was 13 years old I received an award from Lata Mangeshkarji. That was the most touching moment. Also when I received by first Filmfare and RD Burman Award for the song Bumbro. I received it again for Beedi Jalayle. I’ve always been nominated and all of these moments are special.

If you could sum up your forthcoming Royal Albert Hall concert in one word, what would you describe it as?

Do not miss it! (laughs)

BizAsia would like to thank Chauhan for taking the time to speak with us. Her concert at the Royal Albert Hall is indeed set to be a memorable one. If you would like to purchase tickets and make sure you do not miss her performance, click here:��Sunidhi Chauhan at Royal Albert Hall – 27 September 2013

BizAsia are official online partner for Sunidhi Chauhan’s UK tour 2013. Stay tuned for the concert review for Friday’s Royal Albert Hall performance.

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