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The beautiful Anushka Sharma’s next offering is ‘NH10’, which she is also co-producing under her company Clean Slate Films. The trailers of the film promise a very hard-hitting story about a couple taking a road trip that goes very wrong. With bold action scenes and thrills to make you jump in your seat, the film looks to be a definite must-watch.

BizAsia caught up with the actress ahead of the film’s release.

Anushka Sharma NH10

Last year was filled with ‘PK’ for you and now you’re about to make your production debut with ‘NH10’. Have you had any time at all to collect your thoughts about your first project?

Not really because any thoughts that I had were really there at the start of the production. After that, it’s been a wonderful journey actually. I’m really excited that we’re getting to do a film like ‘NH10’. I’m happy that Clean Slate Films are starting with a film like this. As an actor I’ve always wanted to be part of good cinema, work with talented people and back good films. ‘NH10’ has given me the opportunity to do just that.

It has been said that the script of ‘NH10’ inspired you to turn producer. Can you remember your first thoughts when reading it?

Definitely. Sometimes you read some stories and you keep reading and don’t even stop at the interval point. ��To me, this film is very captivating. I could completely engage myself in the story and I could see it happening in front of me. It’s very exciting for an actor to read a film like this. I think when people watch this film, they will feel the same. It is that kind of thrilling, edge-of-the-seat kind of entertainment.

From the trailers, the film is coming across as very action-packed and, as the character of Meera, you’ve done your own stunts. What was that like?

It was exciting. It was physically very challenging but I tried preparing myself for the shoot beforehand. My workouts were designed in that way that I could pull the stunts off as easily as possible. The film is actually very much about a personal struggle and how far can you get pushed until you finally decide you’ve got to hit back. What is all the more exciting for me as an actor and producer is that it’s a story that could happen to anyone. The situation doesn’t happen in the girl’s life because she’s a woman. It could even happen to a man. It shows people that even they could’ve been in this situation because essentially Meera is a very regular person. It’s about how to find the strength inside you when you’re really pushed to your limit.

How would you describe the style of Navdeep Singh, the director?

I think he’s a very special director. He takes a very particular interest in making sure his films look believable and real. The feeling of the situation happening to anyone can only come if the audience can believe what’s happening on the screen. He takes extra care to make sure the actors’ performances are also at that level. We shot in jungles… not any kind of sets so the performances are also coming out with the whole atmosphere that’s created. He takes a keen interest in making sure the film looked that way.

Darshan Kumar NH10

Darshan Kumar plays a villain in the film and he has said that he didn’t really interact with you or your co-star Neil Bhoopalam on the sets of ‘NH10’. What was the atmosphere like?

Yes, I didn’t really interact with Darshan on the sets. When you watch the film you will realise that we have a very different kind of equation. To keep with that, I stayed away and didn’t really socially talk to him or anything. And this is what I mean because Navdeep made sure that this happened. It just seemed like the character to me and not the person playing him. The response to the trailers have been just that that it comes across very real and also unique and different.

How about your experience working with Neil Bhoopalam?

Neil and I did some workshops before this film with Navdeep. We worked on our characters, we worked on our chemistry. Usually when a film starts, it takes some time to make that bond and the plot of this film needed it almost straight away. When the couple, Meera and Arjun, get into trouble, this kind of feel would’ve been difficult without those workshops. That’s what they do; they make you feel comfortable with one another.

As a producer, did you learn anything that you perhaps wouldn’t have learnt as an actress?

Well, they’re two very different jobs. As a person, you follow a philosophy and you follow that everywhere. As an actor, my philosophy is that I want to work in good cinema, I want to be part of good films and unique stories, and the same thing follow through as a producer. So it depends on how you are as a person and that’s how you behave in different fields and different roles.

Do you see yourself going into direction anytime soon?

No, I don’t think so. Not yet. But five years ago I didn’t see myself doing this. However, I don’t see myself going into direction but I think I might maybe write something someday. That’s something I can see myself doing.

How about making the transition to singing?

I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it. I did workshops with Ashley Lobo for my next release ‘Bombay Velvet’ in which I did vocal training. I really enjoyed it but I don’t see myself cutting an album or singing a song as of now. I’m not going out looking for anything but if something exciting happens in the future then yes maybe. I want to be close to it. I’m not eally looking for something like that as of now.

'NH10' starring Anushka Sharma
‘NH10’ starring Anushka Sharma & Neil Bhoopalam

What would you expect the audiences to take away from the film?

I think the audiences will like the fact that this could be anyone’s story, as I said earlier. It could be anyone’s struggle and anyone’s journey. It’s when situations happen in life and test you as a person and then you get to realise the fight in yourself that you didn’t know about. It’s a film that everyone will be able to relate to and find inspiration from.

There have been reports that the trailer of ‘Bombay Velvet’ will be attached to ‘NH10’. Can you confirm this?

No, there�۪s no truth to that, no. The trailer [of ��Bombay Velvet�۪] will come out on 21st March. I�۪m not sure on that exact date but it will be mostly around then.

BizAsia would like to thank Anushka Sharma for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to us. ‘NH10’ releases on 13th March.

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