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Having originated from a whole different musical world away from Bollywood, singer Aditi Singh Sharma has made quite a mark for herself in playback singing. Before making her B-town debut, Singh Sharma has been and is an active part of��a number of Rock bands.��Most known for her work with the talented Amit Trivedi in ‘Dev D’ (2009), Singh Sharma’s most recent offering has made every talk once again. She sings the title track of ‘Heroine’, Main Heroine Hoon. One could argue that with such an obvious rock feel to her persona and voice, a Bollywood career would give some very unique opportunities. BizAsia had the exciting chance to catch up with the voice that is wowing them all.

<strong>BizAsia</strong> talks to singer Aditi Singh Sharma
BizAsia talks to singer Aditi Singh Sharma

Your career has progressed from rock bands to Bollywood playback. Would you call yourself the female version of Vishal (Vishal-Shekhar) in Bollywood?

Vishal has been a great influence, I have watched him on stage perform like a rockstar and then sing all kinds of songs in different films.��I have always followed all his work closely and really admire the fact that he handles both the ‘frontman’ and ‘playback singer’ tags so gracefully and does complete justice to both. I’m working in that direction too.

Was Crimson, Level 9 or Groove Adda a better experience on your Rock endeavours?

I feel that being a part of each band brings in a different experience and I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of few and to have learnt so much from each.��I currently play with Groove Adda and my best friend Gaurav Balani and��I started the band off. Groove Adda is very close to me��and now that we even play my film songs on stage, it’s insane fun. Crimson will always be close to us since we started off playing gigs with that but, like��I said, all of the bands are special to me.

[quote]For me, the big transition was from singing in English to Hindi and��I’m still working on it but i guess the language and the style are things��I will always be��working on. [end_quote]

How did��your career move forward from Delhi’s Rock culture to Mumbai’s Bollywood limelight?

That’s a��very long story. Let’s just say my film music journey started from��’Dev D’��and Amit Trivedi.

How does singing a band differ from playback singing?

I don’t take it as being��so different. For me, my job is to be on that stage or on that microphone and give my best to whatever song I’m singing or performing. Also, these days our film music is changing so much and it has elements of all genres of music that it doesn’t really feel like you’re singing for a film or making a single or making a song with the band. For me, the big transition was from singing in English to Hindi and��I’m still working on it but i guess the language and the style are things��I will always be��working on.

How did you approach singing the title track of ‘Heroine’ and being the voice of Kareena Kapoor?

I’ve been so fortunate to have sung my second song picturised on Kareena Kapoor, who is also my favourite female actor this year. Before this,��I sang Raabta – Night In A Motel from ‘Agent Vinod’and��the film version that was picturised on Saif & Kareena. The interesting part is that none of the��two songs are lip-sync but,��additionally, the amazing part is that��both the songs have been picturised��so well. Sriram Raghavan shot Raabta in just��one shot without a cut; it was incredible. For Main Heroine Hoon, they have shot an amazing video too.

I��honestly love Salim-Sulaiman’s music so much and love them both as human beings dearly so I��really sang my heart out.��I felt the lyrics,��I tried to feel the dynamics and��I just wanted to give it my best because��I was really looking forward to working with them. It was an incredible experience.

What would you say is Salim-Sulaiman’s best quality?

I think Salim and Sulaiman are absolutely amazing artistes and, more than that, they are amazing human beings. It’s��so nice to be around them. They have that amazing vibe which makes you want to��work better��and hang out with them some more. Their music is very true to who they are and no matter what genre it is, you��will feel it.

Kareena Kapoor in the song Main Heroine Hoon
Kareena Kapoor in the song Main Heroine Hoon

Tell us a little about your experience working with Salim-Sulaiman for ‘Heroine’?

Wow! It was an honour working with them finally after so long.��I got such a super rocking song to work with them on. They make you feel comfortable, they let you do your own thing, their vibe is amazing so it automatically extracts the best out of you as an artist. I’m so glad��I got to work with them on the film’s title track. Right before this,��I had sung a small spanish song ‘Loca’ for them which went in the background score of ‘Cocktail’.

[quote]I’ve sung around 21 songs and I’ve had the privilege of working with various music directors for different films picturised on different faces.[end_quote]

Because of your Rock background, are you afraid of getting labelled and compartentalised to a particular genre in Bollywood?

Well, I’m not really sure about what label��I come under currently. I’ve sung around 21 songs and I’ve had the privilege of working with various music directors for different films picturised on different faces.��I have sung romantic songs, funky songs, rock songs, interesting songs and more. I’ve always wanted to be versatile and be able to deliver every song according to its requirements. I’m still working hard and am so happy with the love the audiences have constantly showered me with. Although, I’d love to know what ‘label’ I’m currently under.

Are there any songs in recent times withing Bollywood soundtracks which you wish you had had the opportunity to sing?

I’ve been privileged already to have been able to work with a lot of music directors but there are still some on the list whom��I havent worked with and I’m really looking forward to that. In terms of songs, I’m not really sure but, yes,��I really wish to work with AR Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj, Vishal-Shekhar, Sachin-Jigar, etc.

Do you (if you can talk about then) have any other songs in forthcoming soundtracks lined up?

I don’t really talk about my work before it releases.

How would define your personal musical style?

My music style is me on stage or on the microphone.��I dont hide. My music, my personality, my performance, my art – they are��all me.��Mostly I’d say im crazy (laughs) but��I also have a lot of love and respect for my work, my associates, my seniors and my supporters, and that��always shows; be it on stage, on the mic, in my interactions, in my tweets, etc. So, crazy or funky or rock is my style. I think you should ask the audiences as you’ll get a better answer.

<strong>BizAsia</strong> talks to Aditi Singh Sharma
BizAsia talks to Aditi Singh Sharma

Who or what remains your inspiration musically?

I think I’ve been inspired by Vishal Dadlani��and Sunidhi Chauhan most, ever since��I started singing for films��because their style of singing felt closest to me and since their voices are very powerful and they’re very versatile. Now that I’ve been in the industry for a few years,��I feel like I’ve picked up inspiration from every artist that I’ve worked with which is the biggest blessing to me. It’s an amazing experience to be able to work with so many people��and learn so much from each one of them.

It was an amazing experience having worked with Salim-Sulaiman. This is��my first song with them and oh how��I sang my heart out and how much respect and love��I have for the both of them and what a fan��I am of their music!

What is next for you? (Would you consider a collaboration outside of Bollywood, etc)

I recently collaborated with��Agnee for an amazing single called��Hello Andheron��and we just got nominated for the best pop/rock single at the GIMA awards.��I love collaborations. There are so many people and so many artistes to love and when you come together on stage or on the mic, it is always magic.��I always look forward to being a part of that magic being created by different artistes��and to see what more��I can add to that.

It’s clear to see that Singh Sharma has a good head on her shoulders and many dreams and ambitions yet to be fulfilled. BizAsia thank the lovely lady for taking the time to speak with us and wish her well on her musical journey. May she continue to ‘rock’ Bollywood for a long time to come.

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