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Having acted in 2014’s ‘Yaariyan’ and last year’s ‘Sanam Re’, Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla was recently seen in ‘Sweetie Weds NRI’. With a background in theatre, Pardiwalla’s talent has not gone unnoticed. He has experience in direction and has been a part of popular TV commercials. recently caught up with the talented Pardiwalla for an interview.

You wear many hats. Which career are you most inclined to?
Yes, many hats indeed. Apart from being a Bollywood actor, I was originally a theatre actor and have directed several plays as well. I also hold two Diplomas in theatre too. Academically speaking, I am a therapist and have completed my masters in Clinical Psychology. I own a fashion blog called Break The Code for both men and women and sing as well. However, my main focus, aim, goal, call it what you may, is purely acting, acting and acting. So, yes, acting is the career in am most inclined too, and I have most interest in.

What do you most love about Bollywood as opposed to theatre?
Theatre is my true love, though I must exclaim that Bollywood is my new found love, and I choose to romance this new found maiden for a lifetime now (laughs). What intrigues me most about Bollywood is the “fan love” one receives. Gosh, the amount of positivity, love and good energies you receive as a Bollywood actor is so heart-warming. I don’t think any other field allows you to experience such deep love from the world. Being a Bollywood actor empowers you with ability to create a positive change by reaching out to the masses. In India, people visit cinemas more than the theatres, hence via the Bollywood film stories, one can actually reach out more to the audience and help spread good awareness and positivity.

You were recently in London. Was it work or pleasure?
Aah London! Gosh, how I love visiting the UK. It was my third time there. I was there on vacation and had the time of my life. I visited London, Wales and Cambridge. I saw the musical Aladdin, which I thoroughly loved, and of course ate ample treats and tried some real good cuisines.

What is your dream role?
As an actor, I don’t have one specific dream role. I wish to adorn many characters and become a holistic, versatile and experienced actor. It is my dream to work in Hollywood as well as experience various foreign cinema. As an actor, I wish to keep my options open, the script and content should be rich and my character must have a purpose, that’s all I ask for. I don’t mind action, comedy, drama, romance… you name it and I want to take the plunge. Limiting oneself to one character or role will be the greatest mistake an actor can make, and I do not wish to commit such an error.

Which actors/actresses are on your wish list?
From Bollywood, my wish list actress is my all-time favourite Vidya Balan. Gosh, how I love her… she is just phenomenal. To work with her would definitely be my dream come true. And from Hollywood, my wish list actress is the one and only, evergreen, ever-gorgeous, super-human, Meryl Streep. Yes, those adjectives were necessary to add as she is but all those wonderful things and more. Both Vidya Balan from Bollywood and Meryl Streep from Hollwyood are my dream actresses.

What do you get most satisfaction out of? Music, acting, modelling?
Well, I want to say acting but the truth is music. As Shakespeare wrote in the Twelfth Night – “If music be the food of love, play on.” Music just transcends me into a different world. Mind you, so does acting. However, music for me, is my connection with the divine. It touches my soul in a different way. Acting too is extremely satisfying, I can’t deny.

After ‘Sweetie Weds NRI’, what’s next?
Currently, I am reading scripts and looking forward to a role which is different from what I have done earlier. At the same time, I am doing theatre simultaneously.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Well, I see myself bringing the Oscars (Academy Award for Best Actor) back home (laughs). Now wouldn’t that be a real dream come true moment for me! Jokes apart, I would genuinely love to see myself as a much better actor, who understands his craft and knows his duty towards the industry. I also want to become a more refined human being, and spread happiness through the roles I play. would like to thank Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla for taking the time to answer our questions.

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