BizAsia Special: Remembering Shashi Kapoor

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


Today’s date will be remembered as the day we lost the handsome star Shashi Kapoor. He was 79 years old and was the youngest of the Kapoor brothers Raj and Shammi.

Celebrities old and young have been paying their respects to the actor and have mentioned why they admired this Kapoor so much. will look back at five of Kapoor’s romantic songs which he made unforgettable with his persona.

Dil Mein Ek Jaan from ‘Benazir’ (1964)
A black and white song which perhaps not that many people will know about but this is a gem that surely deserves to be mentioned.

Picturised on Tanuja and Kapoor this beautiful melody was composed by S D Burman with Mohammed Rafi creating magic with his spectacular voice.

Tanuja is sat before her dressing table when she sees Kapoor’s image in the mirror. Feeling shy she covers her face at which Kapoor begins to sing revealing his feelings for Tanuja.

Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe from ‘Kanyadaan’ (1968)
This is one of the most romantic songs to ever exist. It has been remixed again and again but nothing touches the original.

Sung by Mohammed Rafi and music created by Shankar Jaikishan, the song became a bit hit. Another factor was the poetry in the song which was written by Neeraj.

A young Kapoor was seen with the beautiful Asha Parekh surrounded by lovely landscapes. The song was filmed in such a way that it showed a sweet love between the two characters. Kapoor was in a playful manner teasing Parekh while she acted shy.

Khilte Hai Gul Yahan from ‘Sharmeelee’ (1971)
There were two versions of this song but this one was all about Kapoor and his charm. The song opens with a group of ladies being seated ready to hear Kapoor sing. He removes a flower from one of the girls hair and begins to sing trying to impress one of the ladies, the lady being Rakhee Gulzar.

Who can forget Kapoor’s wonderful expressions and his cute smile, one can’t help but fall in love with him in this song.

Kishore Kumar sang for Kapoor while the music was given by S D Burman.

Le Jayenge Le Jayenge from ‘Chor Machaye Shor’ (1974)
Many might not consider this song romantic but still this song displays a rebel, a lover who will take his bride no matter what.

This song was iconic and many years later its lyrics were used as a title for a very famous film in the 90’s.

In the film a gathering is taking place at which Kapoor appears and Mumtaz asks him to speak to her father about their marriage. When Kapoor speaks to her father his answer is no due to the fact that he isn’t wealthy. Kapoor says that it doesn’t matter what he says because they will get married after which he begins to sing this song.

It was a jolly song which had lots of energy, this wouldn’t have been possible without Kishore Kumar’s vocals and Kapoor’s enthusiasm.

Kehdoon Tumhe from ‘Deewaar’ (1975)
Considered as one of Bollywood’s greatest classics, this film did wonders at the box office.
The acting, the dialogues and the songs are very much remembered even today. In fact Kapoor’s very famous dialogue “mere paas maa hai” is a dialogue that hasn’t been forgotten.

This is another song that has had numerous remixes made as it was so popular back in its time.

The song was picturised on both Kapoor and Neetu Singh and showed them driving home together. It was a fun and upbeat song which at the same time was very romantic.

The lyrics were written by Sahir Ludhianvi and R D Burman made the music for this iconic song. pays its respect to the charming hero Shashi Kapoor. He will always be remembered as the handsome actor who stole our hearts with his great films and amazing sense of style.