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BizAsia Music Review: ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’

Produced in three languages, Tamil film director A.L. Vijay is making the best of his production budget producing this film in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu at the same time. ��Tutak Tutak Tutiya�۪ is a comedy starring Prabhudheva, Sonu Sood and Tamannaah Bhatia in leading roles. The music has to be that of Sajid���Wajid for a comic fun project who are taking the lead on this album with Vishal Mishra, Raaj Ashoo, Music MG and Gurinder Seagal. With a line-up of lyricists on each of the seven songs, there should be a good range of entertaining music on this album with perhaps an added dose of cheesiness.

Music Review: 'Tutak Tutak Tutiya'
Music Review: ‘Tutak Tutak Tutiya’

In the year of reworked Punjabi super hits, the first song of this album is on to add to the list. Gurinder Seagal�۪s Rail Gaddi has the reworked lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed who has pretty much redone the entire song with his take of fun romantic lyrics with the exception of the hook of the song. Navraj Hans is the real star of the song with his Punjabi vocals with a strongly rural vocal texture but a modern Delhi-style rendition making this a perfect Delhi wedding song for the forthcoming wedding season in North India. Swati Sharrma and Lill Gollu do their part with a stanza each but Hans pretty much rules this song. The music is well laid out on synthetic beats combined with Punjabi tumbi. This is an easy party hit for wedding and club use and should do decently overall.

Chaal Maar is the work of Sajid���Wajid with Wajid�۪s vocals all the way. This is a song designed for Prabhudheva to rule all the way with his amazing moves. The music is composed for this purpose and has the street masti that Prabhudeva does a brilliant job with and is a treat to watch on screen. Wajid�۪s vocals are quite typical to his style but the music has good variety to take the focus off him here. Irfan Kamal�۪s lyrics are nonsensical but simple to work for this style of song. They don�۪t make sense but has the tease of a boy-chase-girl sequence seen so commonly in Bollywood films. Orally this song doesn�۪t stand out but visually Prabhudheva will surely deliver something exciting to enjoy.

The title track Tutak Tutak Tutiya is yet another Punjabi reworked song of the super duper classic hit of Malkit Singh. The Punjabi legend gets back on the mic with Kanika Kapoor and Sonu Sood himself doing the rap. Singh�۪s vocals are good as ever and he has the same level of energy in his voice that he had in 1988 on his Haye Jamalo track that still is difficult to beat for any Punjabi artist anywhere in the world and still plays in every Punjabi wedding. Ahmed does away with the traditional rural lyrics and has given the song a 2016 romantic twist while keeping the original chorus. Raaj Ashoo�۪s electronic beats work very well with this song and the tumbi throughout. Great job on the music and the new arrangement of the song to create a mammoth hit for the clubs!

Love the way you dance is an electronic party tune with a Punjabi flavour to it. Written, composed and even partly voiced by Milind Gaba aka Music MG, this is the pure club track of the album. But the lead on the song is purely of superstar Jazzy B heard on a Bollywood film song after a very long time. He does a brilliant job with his vocals that amplify the party atmosphere of the song. Sood does a fair job with the rap but he is clearly the back bencher here with Jazzy leading the vocals. Music MG�۪s music style is quite unique with a very full sound with a good range of electronic elevation to the music to build up the party. The lyrics are cheesy but not in a cheap way. This is a good song that can do well with the right publicity and airplay support.


Arijit Singh takes over the mic next for a solo on Chalte Chalte. A refreshing romantic song set to an urban hip-hop beat, this song has a different vibe compared to anything that Singh has done in the past. The vocal style and his delivery is very cool and does not have the vocal depth that he is best known for but he still makes this work like a pro pop star. Mishra�۪s composition is very stylish but far from mainstream Bollywood romantic music that usually always. He takes a risk but delivers it well to give us a modern day melodic song that can do well on the charts. Lyrics by Manoj Yaday are unconventionally romantic and very smooth. A few listens and this song on can grow on one.

Suku Suku is composed by Sajid���Wajid and features the vocals of Shivranjani Singh and the lyrics of Danish Sabri. The lyrics are ridiculously bad and the electronic music is extremely amateur that sounds nothing like from the camp of Sajid-Wajid. Shivranjani�۪s vocals are good but overall the song is so bad and annoying that one can�۪t help but ignore her in this song. This is a really cheap half-baked situational song that just doesn�۪t work.

Ranga Re in the voice of Shreya Ghoshal sets high expectations as it starts as a female lead vocal song but doesn�۪t deliver well with quite dull lyrics by Pranav Vatsa and purely average music by Mishra. His attempt at combining rock with electronic music is interesting in theory but it doesn�۪t sound too appealing when combined with Ghoshal�۪s soft and harmonic vocals that are partly classically Karnatic. There is just too much going on this song and the overall blend doesn�۪t carry through.


The soundtrack of ��Tutak Tutak Tutiya�۪ is an interesting mix with a Punjabi working title and quite clearly heavy Punjabi influence on a few songs but has a strong south Indian influence in production and cast. A mix of music directors and lyricists keep the album variable and it has a range of decent to good and even bad songs on the other end of the spectrum. With the current trend of redoing Punjabi songs, this album overdoes it with two of them packed in. Both these songs are easy winners with title track Tutak Tutak Tutiya being the clear winner, along with Rail Gaddi closely behind. The party element is quite strong on this album with both these songs and with Love the way you dance adding to this element. Arijit Singh delivers the best romantic song on the album with Chalte Chalte. Vocally Punjabi singers Malkit Singh, Jazzy B and Navraj Hans rule the album. The album slowly looses steam as the album progresses with bad songs packed towards the end of the song. Overall this is a fun party album with some good party tunes to work their magic this winter but the album fails to deliver on the other genres.

BizAsia Showbiz Rating ��� 7/10