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BizAsia Music Review: ‘Housefull 3’

Shot in London and Delhi, the UK connection is strong in the next edition of the comedy series with the forthcoming release of ��Housefull 3�۪ (2016). Writers Sajid-Farhad wrote the script for ��Housefull 2�۪ (2012) and are now getting behind the camera to direct the extensive leading cast including Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Nargis Fakhri, Jacqueline Fernandez and Lisa Haydon in ��Housefull 3�۪. The trailers don�۪t look much and have the usual sleaze jokes that don�۪t generate much interest in the film to be honest but hopefully the music would be better. With a hit of the magnitude of Anarkali Disco Chali in ��Housefull 2�۪, the music of part 3 in the series has a lot to live up to. With just 4 songs on the album there is not much to depth in the album for sure but if these 4 songs deliver the big hits then this album could be worth it.

Music Review: 'Housefull 3'
Music Review: ‘Housefull 3’

Musical duo Sabri brothers have produced and sung Pyar Ki. A party tune that is supposed to be romantic and funny as well in the true ��Housefull�۪ style, but the song turns out to be neither. The party beats and synths are rather old skool early 2000�۪s melodies that definitely don�۪t work in the 2016 party scene especially in the absence of good lyrics or vocals. The use of Spanish guitar on the first bridge is perhaps the only musically good part in the song. Vocally, rap by Earl Edgar is the best sounding part in the song while the leading vocals by Sharib, Toshi & Divya Kumar are quite plainly average. Nakash Aziz and Anmol Malik on the supporting vocals also fail to impress. The lyrics by Manoj Yadav, directors Sajid-Farhad and Danish Sabri are the main reasons for the downfall of the song. Aimed at the masses across India, the lyrics are designed to be cheesy and perhaps senseless at times but land up being irritating instead. Pyar Ki is a failed song and the more one listens to it the more they might start disliking it. Hearing it in the movie itself should rather be the only time one listens to this song.


Taang Uthake is yet another party song but rather slower in its tempo more suited for a street party rather than a club setting. Composed by Sohail Sen to a typical Mumbai beat and in the voice of Mika Singh, the song works well in its arrangement overall and is better suited to appeal to the mass audience that this film aims to cater to. Neeti Mohan & Mamta Sharma�۪s vocals are rather subdued with tons of effects on them and thus don�۪t do any justice to their talent or add any value to the song. Lyrics by Sameer Sen, Sajid-Farhad, Sanjeev Chaturvedi and Mamta Sharma herself work well for the song type but are nothing really to impress a discerning listener. The amount of beer thrown around in the video of the song is perhaps what the music team of the song had down while writing this song and thus is lacks quality overall. Do notice the cringe worthy dance steps in the video to make things worse for this number.


Finally a good song on the album shows up at number 3 track in the voice of Mika and the queen of Bhangra Miss Pooja. As a wedding party song Malamaal has potential and rightly so will definitely work well in UK especially with the wedding season just around the corner. The song has been put together very well by Mika himself with some help from Milind Gaba that makes it sound authentic Punjabi while giving it a modern take that will make this song successful in the club environment as well.. especially for the Punjabi�۪s in the crowd. Miss Pooja�۪s strong rural voice resonates well especially with the UK listeners and top that with Mika doing a consistent good vocal on this song delivers a song over the good threshold. Akira & Kuwar Virk have very small roles in the supporting vocals. Lyrics by Rani Malik & Sajid-Farhad are not cheesy although not spectacular thus manage to strike a decent balance to appeal to all and create a good wedding celebration song. This song will surely enjoy some charts, radio and TV success as it is shot in a tasteful way too.

Taang Uthaake -Housefull 3

Fake Ishq sees the return of Kailash Kher to Bollywood in 2016 supported by Nakash Aziz and Altamash Faridi. But not sure if this is the ideal return as song takes sufi music to a comical setting and is thus very situational for this comedy film. The intended pun is very clear as the sad tonality and music is totally contrast to the laughable lyrics and thus in a way undermines Kher�۪s vocal competence. But the man stands his ground and does a really good job nonetheless in this song. The more one listens to it the more they would appreciate what Kher is able to do with his voice to whatever the lyrics be. The arrangement and instrumentation are very well done by music director Tanishk Bagchi who does a wicked job in containing the vocal talent at hand layered with various styles of instruments. The execution is really good on this song with lyrics by Arafat Mehmood & Sajid-Farhad who deliver the humour in this unique sufi style that has not been heard in Bollywood in a long long time! Although this is not a lead commercial song, but the work on it is pretty awesome that will atleast make one laugh (if not cry with it). Worth a check out.


Final Word

Directors and writers Sajid-Farhad invested their talent in the music of the film all through to create mixed feelings about the soundtrack of ��Housefull 3�۪. The album starts on a low note with disappointing songs Pyar Ki and Taang Uthake that try too hard to become commercial successes as party songs but don�۪t have anything working in their favour from music to lyrics to vocals to even the videos. But then Malamaal comes in as a good wedding party song with Mika impressing not just on the vocals but also on his music direction skills. The use of Miss Pooja is a smart move on the song that will surely strike the right notes with UK listeners possibly help drawing them to the cinema as well to see this film. Fake Ishq is a surprise track that is just wrong but right in so many ways and is thus a really interesting song to listen to. One would not expect sufi and comedy to work well together but this song somehow gels together with the amazing Kailash Kher vocals. The album overall is a cheese ball just in line with the film but lacks depth and genres. The talent is weak and thus the success will be limited for the album. Surely not as good as ��Housefull 2�۪, the soundtrack of ��Housefull 3�۪ is an easy one to miss this year.


Overall Rating ��� 5.5/10