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When the news spread that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol were reuniting on screen, there was a lot of hype surrounding ��Dilwale�۪. Directed by Rohit Shetty, ��Dilwale�۪ promised to be full of action with a strong romantic vibe with the pairing of Kajol and Khan and also Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. The promotions for this film had helped draw the audience to the theatres with the trailers promising the old screen romance picturised on the Khan and Kajol duo. The songs for this film had also hit the radio waves with gusto, with Gerua��and Manma Emotion Jaage becoming super hits. Khan working again with director Rohit Shetty after the blockbuster ��Chennai Express�۪ (2013), promised a Fast and Furious style adventure with rollicking action and drama.

'Dilwale' with SRK & Kajol
‘Dilwale’ with SRK & Kajol

‘Dilwale’ is a love story, which covers two generations. Raj (Khan) is a reformed don who was once working for his crime filled family and is now on the straight and narrow working as a mechanic. His world revolves around his younger brother Veer (Dhawan) who falls in love with Ishita (Sanon). However as not all love stories run smoothly, there is a catch. Ishita turns out to be the sister of Meera (Kajol) who has some unfinished business with Raj.

This film is reminiscent of the old school romance that Khan and Kajol bring back onto the big screen after five years and we just can�۪t get enough of it. They still have it and they steal the show in this film. Their chemistry is breath taking and it is hard not to think of their previous jodis as Rahul ��� Anjali and Raj ��� Simran, however it is hard to think of Raj-Meera in the same context. The pair re-enact every scene they are possibly known for, complete with a dance in rain reminiscent of ��Kuch Kuch Hota Hai�۪ (1998) and Khan showing off his signature arm pose every chance he gets. Khan shines in the film, showing off his acting talents and looking sizzling hot and displays the various facets of his character with expertise. Kajol is magical on screen as Meera and even steals the show from Khan in some scenes with her earnest and soulful acting. Dhawan and Sanon lead the background acting score putting a lot of heart and soul into the film but this is a film, which belongs to Khan-Kajol pair.

Sadly the storyline of this film is where it all comes undone. The story of warring families and torn apart lovers is not new and that is what the film relies on. Shetty�۪s ��Dilwale�۪ does display low IQ humour with the likes of Johnny Lever, Boman Irani and Kabir Bedi creating some comedic moments. These actors are almost the light relief in the film and whenever it feels as though the film dips, these characters pick the film right back up. ��Dilwale�۪ is an entertaining masala filled film and to give Shetty credit, he does keep the audience hooked. Shetty does create some fantastic backdrops for the film with stunning imagery from Bulgaria and Iceland and wonderful songs. There are a lot of dialogues and scenes borrowed from Khan�۪s smash hits and the clich̩s are played up throughout the film.

Varun Kriti - Manma Emotion Dilwale 340x

The songs are mesmerising in this film, giving the actors ample time to show off their sizzling chemistry. Gerua��gives the audience goosebumps with the cinematography adding to the intensity of the Khan-Kajol relationship. Janam Janam is another tribute to the pair with a dream like quality to it with Arjun Singh leading the male vocals and reminding the audience why we love Khan and Kajol together so much. Manma Emotion Jaage is the young preppy track, which shows off Dhawan�۪s dancing talents and is well suited to his pairing with Sanon.

Shetty has tried something different with this film and you have to give him credit for that. There are plenty of action-filled scenes with cars being flipped over and destroyed typical of the Shetty brand of theatre but the love story helps bring a new twist to the story. Watch this film for a fun filled romantic action adventure and to reminisce about the Khan-Kajol pairing but don�۪t go expecting much more.

BizAsia Showbiz rating: 3/5


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