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‘Fukrey’ is being released very soon to our cinema screens and not much has been said about the film. This is unusual for the current times as many other releases usually have countless dialogue trailers and making videos released on all the social media channels to try and create some hype around a given film. The trailers of ‘Fukrey’ which are being shown portray a mad crazy comedy with a lot of characters running around, still not alluding to the storyline of the film. When being offered the interview for this film, it was difficult to know what to expect from the cast but we are pleased to report that they did not disappoint. With a lot of joking and teasing taking place in the background, BizAsia met the cast of Fukrey and discovered that they were as equally unusual as their film.

What are your characters in the film?

Pulkit Samrat: I play the role of Hunny. He is a very street smart guy. He has stayed in school since four to five years and he is a big fukra. He doesn�۪t have much money in his pocket because he gets very little pocket money as he is from a low middle class family. He leaves his house early in the morning and comes home to sleep very late at night or even sleeps over at his friend�۪s place. His best friend is called Choocha who is like the way we always go to Google to search for things, that is the way Hunny and Choocha�۪s relationship is. Hunny goes to Choocha for any information that he needs.

Ali Fazal: I play Zafar, he is a musician in the film so there is a cool angle with him. He has got a lot of baggage in life; he has gone through loss and is older than all of them. He is in love with this girl and his music does not work out because something goes wrong. His music is stuck on this girl who he is in love with. You see how all four of them come together, they are not friends to start off with, they become friends because of this woman Bholi Punjaban, the villain played by Richa Chadda.

Varun Sharma: I play Choocha. Hunny and Choocha are like brothers, both of them as unfocused as the other, they are always together. Choocha is still at school and he has flunked since the last four to five years and he has his own aspirations and has his own dreams. He really wants to enter college and that his because on his first day, he wants to make his first impression, a grand impression. He is a dreamer who loves sleeping.

Richa Chadda: My character is called Bholi Punjaban and she is the villain of the film. She is like the antagonist, the boys come to her for help but she screws them over and makes sure they end up in a bigger mess. She makes sure she can use them for the rest of their lives but then something happens. You find out whether they come out victorious or if she has her way.

Richa, what was it like playing the villain in a storyline based around the other male characters in the film?

Richa Chadda: I think it is fun because the villains I have seen so far are troubling mother-in-laws who trouble their daughter-in-laws for dowry or cabaret dancers or vamps or witches. It is fun playing this down market , trashy, tacky, loud, foul mouthed woman.

Ali Fazal: She is the hottest villain we have ever seen.

Richa Chadda: Kya baat hai!

Do any of you share any similarities with your characters with your characters in Fukrey?

Ali Fazal: To start off with I play the guitar, at least I would like to think so, to entertain. We have all been through that college phase and felt like musicians, the desperation phase that musicians go through with the music not working and being stuck at school for years and years. This guy is trying to get out of college and Hunny and Choocha are trying to get into college. The film is about small dreams and aspirations and these guys are taking big risks to go for it.

Do you think today�۪s generation can relate to Fukrey as a film?

Richa Chadda: Absolutely. What�۪s happening here is a lot of confusion.

Varun Sharma: I think everyone can relate to Fukrey because everyone in their teenage years, we do ��fukra-banti�۪, the innocent mistakes that we make where everyone shows off. Some people do ��fukra-banti�۪ out in the open, some do it in a closed environment. Everyone can relate to Fukrey.

Richa Chadda: I feel that at some point in everybody�۪s life, we feel penniless or broke or people have not understand what they are up to and they feel like they have been set aside by their parents or families. That is what a fukra is and it is difficult for this to die and each and every person can relate to.

What is the craziest you have in your lives?

Ali Fazal: I think the craziest thing we have done is to shoot this film because the biggest fukra out of us all is the director of the film Mrigdeep Singh Lamba and produced by the biggest fukras in the world, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar.

What was your experience of shooting Fukrey?

Richa Chadda: It was fun film to shoot because it was young and a comedy. A lot of us have come from dark spaces before, especially me and I wanted to do something light hearted and fun. I think hanging out with the boys has been the most fun I have ever had in any film. I think that apart from the film, these guys made their own short films on their iPhones and other things. I have to say that even while we are talking to you, the guys are throwing cookies at each other!

What do you want audiences to take away from watching the film?

Varun Sharma: I think this film has a lot of heart to it. It is chilled out, it is fun and I think they shouldn�۪t over think it. They should come to have fun, be a fukra and stay a fukra.

Richa Chadda: Don�۪t let anyone take the fukra out of you.

Varun Sharma: Inside everyone in the world there is a fukra. Just discover it.

‘Fukrey’ releases this coming Friday as is produced by Excel Entertainment.

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