Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan at the Hippodrome London earlier today
Saif Ali Khan at the Hippodrome London earlier today

The BizAsia Showbiz team caught up with newlywed Saif Ali Khan who was in London to promote his upcoming venture Race 2۪ where he plays the main protagonist.

Khan arrived at the venue (the upmarket Hippodrome Casino in London’s West End) fashionably late, naturally, and answered a volley of questions hurled at him in his true polished and impeccable style.

The Mayor of London himself had a message for the media prior to the commencement of the conference.

I۪m keen to strengthen links between our city and one of the world’s greatest film centres and am thrilled that Saif Ali Khan is in the capital to promote one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the year. I want Indian filmmakers to think of London as a home away from home,۝ he is reported to have said.

A trailer of the upcoming film was aired and can be viewed further down this very article.

Excerpts from the conference:

“The main challenges lie with the scriptwriter and the production team to try and make a better movie than the first one. Sequels are quite fashionable. In the 90s when I requested a sequel to Main Khiladi Tu Anari۪ (1994) the producers thought it was a very silly idea and that I should not mention it again. Cocktail۪ was initially called Love Aaj Kal 2۪ and I kicked up a fuss as some films don۪t deserve sequels. But ‘Race’ is a genre that lends itself well to justify a sequel. As for playing the role, its mentally easier and you have a better understanding of the character but physically it is more demanding,” said Khan when askedwhat the challenges of playing the same role again were.

“I miss the first cast as there was something very special about the first one. Akshaye Khanna is a phenomenal actor and Katrina۪s (Kaif) star was on the rise with Bipasha Basu looking great, but the new cast is just as good,” said Khan when probedabout what he thought of the newer cast.

BizAsia asked Khan about his pairing with Deepika Padukone. This was the fourth consecutive time that he was pairing up with Padukone wasn۪t he worried their pairing would get stale?

“The films are so different so I’m not worried. I thought it was an advantage as it۪s a successful pairing and people still want to see us together. But I do agree – it۪s high time I worked with someone else and I promise that next time it will be someone else,” retorted the Nawab.

About working in London, Khan said, “London is a second home I love working here and I love the mindset of the people we work with, and enjoy interacting with the press here. London has many sides and is an amazing city to shoot in. It is multi-faceted and hopefully I۪ll shoot here again soon.”

“I had to work out a lot for the film as John (Abraham) was an inspiration Christ he walked around with his top off so we all had to look good. We lead very Spartan lives and always have to look good its different compared to a few years ago when we used to sit around on set drinking alcohol. Now people work out and go to bed and lead a different kind of lifestyle,” said Khan when asked about his diet and fitness regime.

Khan ended the conference with “It’s not like ‘Dhoom’ where the baddie gets the better role_ Its Race۪ and Race۪ is mine!

And with that classic quote delivered in his true imitable style, the conference concluded and Khan left the media begging for more.

Race 2۪ releases on 25th January and also stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Ameesha Patel, Jacqueline Fernandez and Bipasha Basu in a cameo. The trailer of the film can be viewed below.

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The trailer of ‘Race 2’