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With the release of Abhishek Varman�۪s ��2 States�۪ approaching this week, lead actors Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor flew into London to meet with the press and talk about the film. Based on Chetan Bhagat’s book of the same title, the film tells the story of the couple Krish (Kapoor) and Ananya (Bhatt) being from two completely different cultures and their battle to bring their families together. ��BizAsia had the opportunity to speak with the lead actors and talk to them about their experiences making ‘2 States’. (Scroll to the bottom for photos)

Welcome to London How does it feel being here promoting ��2 states�۪?

Arjun: This is my first time coming to London to promote a film, so it�۪s a completely different experience for me and it�۪s amazing. I had come before when I was assisting for ‘Salaam-e-ishq’ , so it feels great to be here for my own film. This place even this hotel that we are in, have been so good to us.

Alia: Yes I agree. ��I always love coming to London, it�۪s my favourite city and it�۪s lovely to be here.

To put you both on the spot, did either of you manage to read the book before signing the film?

Alia:��Yes I read the book quite some time ago, and really liked it. I really felt that his book should be turned into a film, and it was my dream that this should happen.

Arjun: No I hadn�۪t read the book, but I had read the script, and I though I should read the book, but my producer told me not to, and to just stick with the script so that my ideas about my character stay focused to that.

Alia, having read the book and thinking about a film based on it, did you ever think you�۪d be playing the character of Ananya?

Alia: No, no not at all.

Both these roles are very different from the previous roles that you both have done. Arjun, how do the rugged, macho roles compare to the much mellow role that you are playing in ��2 States�۪?

Arjun: I don�۪t think there�۪s a comparison, it�۪s a different film and though the character is very different from let�۪s say what I played in ��Gunday�۪, he still has his own ideologies and opinions.

How about you, Alia, you�۪ve played different characters in both your films, what are your thoughts in playing another role unlike the ones you have done?

Alia:��It�۪s about keeping your audiences interested. People get bored if they see you play the same types of characters over and over again, and it�۪s exciting to play different characters.

The promos of the film have had a great response, and people are really appreciating your on-screen chemistry, what do you think is the USP of your on-screen presence together?

Ali:a I don�۪t think it�۪s chemistry between us as such, it�۪s more about the bond of the two characters. Within the film Ananya and Krish are both friends, best friends really as well as having a relationship. Portraying Ananya and Krish on screen works really well like that, whereas if it was Alia and Arjun on screen it wouldn�۪t.

Finally, what do you want your audiences to take away from the film?

Arjun: We want our audiences to love it, and relate to it. You see it�۪s not a rom com, it�۪s a real story and as India�۪s we all have our own cultures and faiths and beliefs, and we�۪re want people to recognise their own lives through it. We want them to watch the film and say ��� I remember being in that situation�۪, ���Oh my god, that also happened to me�۝.

��2 States�۪ is all set for release on 18th April and also stars Ronit Roy, Amrita Singh and Revathi. The film is produced jointly by Dharma Productions and UTV Motion Pictures.

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