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Karanvir Bohra is best known for the iconic roles he has played on Indian television. However, this actor is all set for the big screen and that too in Punjabi style. His debut film titled ‘Love Yoou Soniye’ hits the theatres today and will see him share the screen with his wife Teejay Sidhu for the first time on celluloid. Bohra was in London promoting the movie, which is a B4U release, just a couple of weeks ago and BizAsia caught up with him on his last day in the capital.

Karanvir Bohra makes his debut in 'Love Yoou Soniye'
Karanvir Bohra makes his debut in 'Love Yoou Soniye'

You’re currently in London for promotions of ‘Love Yoou Soniye’, how does it feel being here?

You know, it’s the best decision we’ve taken. We’ve been able to interact with so many people through TV and radio shows and TV channels. It’s been fantastic especially because not many people come and promote Punjabi movies, let alone releasing them overseas. It’s the best decision B4U has taken to bring us out here and let us mingle with the crowd one-on-one.

‘Love Yoou Soniye’ is a movie you’re producing as well as acting in and it’s so close to release, how does it feel?

That’s right. You know, it still hasn’t really hit us that we don’t have long to go. We’re really excited. Once we leave London today, we’ll be heading straight to Delhi and Punjab for grand promotions so it’s going to be intense but we’re really looking forward to it.

This is your big screen debut. Why have you chosen Punjabi cinema and not Bollywood?

Firstly, this movie was made for my wife. She wanted to do a Punjabi movie and she wanted to do it with me. I wanted to do a Bollywood film but it just so happened that we’re doing this Punjabi movie. So I said, if we’re doing a Punjabi film, let’s do it in Bollywood style. If you look at the music, the costumes… everything is nothing less than a Bollywood film.

‘Love Yoou Soniye’ is set in a college. Did this bring back any memories for you and are there any real-life stories in the film?

Absolutely. We shot in a college in Chandigarh and you know when we’re interacting with the teachers there, they gave us a fantastic idea. There’s a scene where I pretend to be a teacher and my wife comes into the classroom, there’s a hilarious dialogue between all of us where I ask for her phone number and then we all start laughing. This is what the teachers of the college do and we used this real-life thing in our scene.

There are 14 artists making their debut in the film. Do you know think this was a bit of a gamble?

Life is a gamble and if you don’t gamble then you won’t win. You could lose to but then you have to take the risk of losing it all.

What would you say is the USP of ‘Love Yoou Soniye’? Is it that it has 14 artists making their debut?

You know all of these 14 artists are very popular in their own fields. For example, me and my wife – we’ve done national TV. Raghuram from Roadies… Rishi Rich and Juggy D have given the title track music and they are big stars in the UK. Surprisingly nobody approached them to do a Punjabi movie and they’re such big Punjabi music stars. In the same way, our director, our cameraman have all done great work in their respected fields. So, in a way, it wasn’t actually a gamble. It was a very calculated move.

The look of the film is the USP with the complete Bollywood feel. It gives Punjabi cinema a Bollywood feel which will make people want to see the movie. Secondly, the music. Every song is different from the other. You’ll feel as you are listening to a Bollywood kind of a soundtrack with a Punjabi tadka. And last but not the least, my wife and me. We’re two cute looking people and you’ll want to watch us! (laughs)

One of your fans contacted us and wanted to know whether the movie is releasing in all of India.

Yes, in India we’re releasing in Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bangalore, Indore… various places. Generally people don’t release that wide but with this film we’re reaching out to more people. This is a Punjabi film but it can be understood by non-Punjabis too. The language is so simple.

Karanvir Bohra - Teejay Sidhu
Karanvir Bohra - Teejay Sidhu

What would you say the international audiences will love about the film?

I know for a fact that international audiences love Bollywood. So with this film, we’re giving you a Punjabi film with a Bollywood tadka.

Do you have a message for your fans who will be seeing you making the transition from TV to the big screen?

You guys have loved me and appreciated my work. All I’ve got to say is that all of you who love me will love me more in this movie. We’ve made it with a lot of love and a lot of effort. We’ve put in a lot of hard work. Just give us a chance to make you all smile in a cinema hall… with a tub of popcorn and with your friends and family also watching the film.

What do we expect from you in the future?

After ‘Love Yoou Soniye’, we’re planning a Bollywood film. Our production house will make one Bollywood film and one Punjabi film every year.

BizAsia would like to say a huge thanks to Bohra for taking the time to speak to us. Stay tuned for our interview with the leading lady of the movie, Teejay Sidhu, which is coming up this weekend. ‘Love Yoou Soniye’ releases today, 6th December.


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