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When the makers of ��Dilwale�۪ released the first trailer, the cast Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Rohit Shetty and others also caught up with many reporters from the media around the world, through a video conference.

All speaking so passionately about the film and expressing how much of a joy it was to work on the film, Sanon was asked if she had felt any pressure about working with such a star cast. “Right now actually I�۪m getting very excited to be honest. There�۪s no pressure as such. I have all these people with me, I don�۪t need to take the pressure on my head. This is a huge deal for me to be a part of this film, and it�۪s been a learning experience throughout. It�۪s just my second film so that�۪s a big deal, “she expressed.

One major point that was addressed was the fact that with Kajol and Khan being back on screen together, as well as the film’s title all linked in with their 1995 super-hit ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. To which Khan explained how this film had nothing to do with ‘DDLJ’ whatsoever, and it’s a film that stands on it’s own.

Khan himself was very excited to have worked with Shetty for the second time. Talking about��his process on how he decided to take on a project, the actor expressed, “You just choose the films you want to do, and then if you are in time with the director whose very close to your heart, and has made films with you in the past and he has a story to tell, you don�۪t question that. I never thought of it that I would make a film the is trendy, which is cool, which is going to work at the box office, I think you just make a film because, especially for me, 25 years when you work, I wake up and I think ���now I want to make a comic film, now I want to make a action film, I want to make this kind of film��_�۝ and if I�۪m fortunate enough, that year I�۪d take it on.”

“With someone like Rohit whose been extremely close to me not just as a director, even after I did just one film old, you know he knows my mind, I know he loves me and he�۪ll give me a film which will somewhere, challenge me as an actor, make me do something in the popular space that�۪s different from what I�۪d done in the last film. So you just trust and you go ahead. Script reading and figuring it out; No I don�۪t do that. I�۪m very clear, you give me a what ever story, I�۪m willing to work hard,” he added.

It seems like a very interesting experience for Dhawan, with this being the first time working with Shetty. “It was amazing, that was one of the reasons I wanted to work with action. Rohit sir is one the best directors in the country we have for action. He has an amazing team. More than that he treated me like a kid on the set, he knew initially I would be nervous around him, and made me confortable with him. So he�۪s taken a lot of care of me since the first day of shoot,” he explained.

The film will also have it’s comical factors with the addition of Johnny Lever, Varun Sharma, Boman Irani as well and Kabir Bedi. It’s set to hit the big screens on 18th December.

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