BizAsia Father’s Day 2015 special: Celebs talk about their fathers


To mark this year’s Father’s Day, BizAsia approached some well-known names to divulge what their father means to them. We asked them what their father means to them and they gave some interesting answers in return.

Varun Dhawan – actor

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

My father is my everything for me. He’s the reason why I’m on this earth obviously and he’s the reason I am in this career as well. In a way, ‘ABCD 2’ is a small gift for him because it’s for the nation. My father is also very patriotic. There’s a big message in the film about how we Asians stick together and about family. I hope that when he sees the film he feels proud and I think it’ll be a great Father’s Day present for him.

Serena Kern – music artiste

Serena Kern

When��I’m��worried he says don’t fret

of me, little does he expect

time, or money or love in return

His only goal my happiness

At times I wonder how and why

he is so patient��with this��child!

and then I realise��words can’t express

who my father is

for he’s the best!

Little poem I wrote!

Disha Parmar – actress

Disha Parmar

I had read somewhere that in the world 30% less money is spent on father’s day compared to Mothers day.. So you can kinda understand that its a less celebrated day. (winks)��And with me too.. I mean i have never really done anything on these days cuz my Love for my dad is not just for a day. I love him the most. Always and forever! But for all those who believe in it and celebrate it then with love, Happy Father’s Day.

Taaha Shah – actor

Taaha Zaheer Tushar Edit 1 LR

My Father has been a guide to me both on the personal and professional front. He is more of a friend than an authoritarian, his ideas of teaching his children through explanations and suggestions rather than commands has left an unending imprint on my personality. Life does not come with blueprints to live, and when I have a choice or a crucial decision to make, he’s one of the very few people I would approach for advice.

Priti Menon – singer

Priti Menon - father's day

As cheesy as it sounds, my Dad means the world to me. He gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give me; he believed in me. For a father to let his daughter live alone in the UK at the tender age of 20 was huge! He allowed me to follow my dreams for which I’ll always be grateful.

NaamLess (Sahil Sabh) – music producer

NaamLess - Sahil Sabh

My dad isn’t only my dad but also my mentor. Having San-j Sanj as my dad definitely helps me with always trying to improve my music production. There is nothing better than having a critic as stern as my dad. Thank you for being there. Happy Father’s Day.

Siddhanth Kapoor – actor

Siddhanth Kapoor
Siddhanth Kapoor

My father is a guiding hand, an idol and someone you can look upon that you can follow – his habits and his attitude, his ways and mannerisms. These are the things that just come to you and you follow all the positive things. A father can even be a best friend to a son which mine is to me. Having a father figure in life is very important because a child will always learn from him. He will do wonders in a child’s life.

BizAsia would like to thank each person who took out the time to share their thoughts about their own fathers with us.


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