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Sunny Deol is returning as director for the second time with ‘Ghayal Once Again’ which is slated for release on 5th February. He will also be acting in the film in which four debutantes are also being introduced. The film comes as a contemporary second instalment of 1990’s ‘Ghayal’ which was a hit, with Deol opposite Meenakshi Seshadri.

BizAsia had the opportunity to catch up with Deol ahead of the release of ‘Ghayal Once Again’.

Sunny Deol - Ghayal Once Again

��Ghayal Once Again�۪ is your second directorial. How would you describe your journey from ��Dillagi�۪ (1999) to ��Ghayal Once Again�۪?

It was an interesting journey, because with ��Dillagi�۪, was a film where I had to jump into it. Here I have thought about it, I have reasoned everything out, that�۪s how I�۪ve worked in this film. I�۪ve really worked from all the points of views trying to make this film.

You�۪ve said that you�۪ve been preparing a sequel to ��Ghayal�۪ for a number of years. Are you happy with the product that you�۪ll be releasing?

Oh yeah, I�۪m very happy. I�۪m happy because as a director I have conceived whatever I had thought about, and it has come across on the screen. So I have no excuses in saying I was not able to bring out what I was thinking.

You’re launching four debutantes in ��Ghayal Once again�۪. How were they cast in the roles?

I did lots and lots of screen tests, and that how I picked these kids out. I was very definite in what kind of characters I�۪m looking at. I was looking for kids who were around 16, 17 years. I have picked the right kids, I mean we�۪ve seen the promos and they look interesting. They�۪ve done a good job in the film.

How personally were you involved with training them and mentoring them?

They�۪re basically actors who want to be actors so my job was not to train them. When I was auditioning them, I was trying to see weather they will be able to portray the character I want them to do. So that was the key thing when auditioning them. And definitely when I�۪m working with them being an actor myself, I know how to tackle the actors issues whatever they are. So for me it becomes a little bit easier, because myself as an actor, when I�۪m doing it I know at times I don�۪t come across because the directors not paying attention, or is not giving me the right input.

'Ghayal Once Again'
‘Ghayal Once Again’

What part of filmmaking would you say you enjoy the most; being in front of the screen or being behind the camera?

Well to have fun, being in front of the screen is the biggest things, but if you really want to have a creative high then I think behind the camera is really the thing that is really satisfying.

You�۪ve mentioned recently that your sons are up for debuts soon, what advice do you feel you�۪ll need to give them?

Well there�۪s nothing to tell them because they�۪ve grown up in this film fraternity and they know what happens. They basically definitely want to be actors, so they’re working around it, their passion towards cinema is quite a bit. I think that�۪s the key thing. I mean as a father I have to say it�۪s their journey that they need to take ahead.

BizAsia thanks Sunny Deol for taking the time to speak to us.

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