BizAsia Birthday Love: The multi-talented Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi Sinha made a positive start to her film career with the superhit ��Dabangg�۪ (2010). With her very first film she managed to capture the hearts of the audiences and showed that acting is indeed in her blood.

Sinha may be an actress by profession but at the same time she has so many other talents that if she was given a chance to rule the world, she would be unstoppable. She has proved that she isn�۪t afraid to try new things be it her hairstyle or even getting a new tattoo. Sinha is daring and her passion of living life to the max surely will inspire many.

On her birthday BizAsia will explore some of Sinha�۪s talents.

Sonakshi Sinha

The ��Singer�۪

In 2015 Sinha released her first single called ��Aaj mood ishqaholic hai�۪ which was composed by Meet Bros Anjjan and written by Kumar. It�۪s not the first time that Sinha has lent her voice for a song in fact in the film ��Tevar�۪ (2015) she sang alongside international music artist Imran Khan for the song ��Let�۪s Celebrate�۪. Also, during the 2015 IIFA Awards, Sinha performed live by singing songs from her own films such as ��Sawaar loon�۪ from ��Lootera�۪ (2013) and ��Har kisi ko nahi milta�۪ from ��Boss�۪ (2013).

The ��Artist�۪

If one was to follow Sinha on her social media then it would be hard to miss all of the creative work that she has done. To some quick doodles while she has five minutes to masterpieces which she has spent endless time on, Sinha has an artistic imagination.

Just recently Sinha had shared a video of one of her projects that she had been working on. It was a painting which was auctioned and the money raised was donated to a breast cancer charity. Sinha likes to do all she can to help others and if it is through art then what better way to do it.

The ��Designer�۪

Before Sinha entered the film industry she had studied fashion designing and was interested in pursuing that as her career. In 2005 Sinha was given the opportunity to design costumes for the film ��Mera Dil Leke Dekkho�۪.

When Sinha makes an appearance she always seems to make an impact with her style, be it a lengha at a relative�۪s wedding or a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans, for a casual appearance. Sinha can pull any look off with confidence. Perhaps it is the designer in her that helps her visualise what look will suit her and what look won�۪t.

The ��Traveller�۪

It is no secret that Sinha likes to travel and experience different cultures. Her passion for travelling is evident in her Instagram pictures and Snapchat videos. Although most of the travelling is due to work reasons Sinha never lets the opportunity pass to explore the new and the unknown.

The ��Technology Geek�۪

Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you name it, Sinha has an account. Sinha uses social media as a way to connect with her humungous fan following. Through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter Sinha has a Q&A segment named ��SonaSays�۪. Sinha uses this time to reply back to her fans and answer any questions they may have about her life or her career.

An app that Sinha had entertained her many fans with was Dubsmash. She had collaborated with Salman Khan on at least two of them and they were extremely popular. One was from her father�۪s film ��Mere Apne�۪ (1971) in which Sinha and Khan dubbed the voices of Shatrughan Sinha and the late Meena Kumari. In another video they re-enacted a scene from Khan�۪s film ��Karan Arjun�۪ (1995).

BizAsia wishes Sonakshi Sinha a very Happy Birthday and best of luck for her upcoming projects including ‘Force 2’, ‘Akira’, ‘Noor’ and ‘Namastey England’.

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