BizAsia Birthday Love: Juhi Chawla is fabulous at 50

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


During the 90’s this actress stole the hearts of many. She had luscious curly locks, a childlike giggle, sparkle in her eyes and talent that had the power to make the audience laugh and cry at the drop of a hat.

Juhi Chawla is the starlet who did some fantastic work in films like ‘Saajan Ka Ghar’ (1994), ‘Arjun Pandit’ (1999) and ‘Gulaab Gang’ (2014).

To celebrate the birthday of Juhi Chawla, will look at 5 songs from her films where she totally stole the show.

Meri Payal Bole in ‘Gang’ (2000)
Sang by Alka Yagnik this song was perhaps one of the most memorable songs in the film. Anu Malik created the music for this song experimenting with various beats. He used the sitar for the traditional Indian sound mixing it up with the electric guitar to jazz it up.

Chawla had a very small role in the film but with her performance in this song it made up for everything. The way she danced to each and every beat was spot on.

Tu Tu Tu Tu Tara in ‘Bol Radha Bol’ (1992)
The mischievous side to Chawla was seen in this film as she played a village belle who falls in love with a rich man from the city. In the song Radha (Chawla) is asking Kishan (Rishi Kapoor) to forgive her while he is doing his best to avoid her.

It was a fun song which had elements of comedy in it thanks to Chawla and Kapoor’s expressions. This song was a big hit when it released and can be considered as one of Chawla’s best performances.

Poornima sang for Chawla and Kumar Sanu sang for Kapoor in the song.

Obsession in ‘Darr‘ (1993)
The late Yash Chopra did something iconic in most of his films, he had scenes which consisted of just instrumental music so that his characters were able to express themselves. It was just the music and them, no lyrics to make one feel or think about anything just the characters and the magic of the music.

This film also had a special instrumental made which gave Rahul (Shahrukh Khan) a chance to express himself. The scene begins with Rahul (Khan) playing his harmonica and imagining Kiran (Chawla) in various different avatars.

Visually it was spectacular to watch, a dark background with just Chawla there transforming into both western and traditional looks. She dances at times with classical steps and then as the music begins to get faster her form of dancing changes too.

Although the song is about Rahul’s (Khan) obsession for Kiran (Chawla) in the film, the song will always be remembered for the way Chawla put her heart and soul into the song.

Meri Banno Ki Aayegi Baraat in ‘Aaina’ (1993)
Reema (Chawla) is forced by her friends to dance as it is her sister Roma’s (Amrita Singh) wedding day. Dressed in a bright yellow Indian suit Chawla steals the show with her magnificent dance performance.

Chawla’s character Reema is both happy and sad as she is happy for her sister but sad because she is losing the one she loves. Chawla did a fantastic job at showing her different emotions via her expressions.

Pamela Chopra sang this song filled with mixed emotions perfectly.

Bambai Se Gai Poona in ‘Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke’ (1993)
Alka Yagnik lent her vocals for this melodious song. The song begins with Chawla and three children stood on a stage where they are forced to perform in order to avoid a policeman and a shop owner.

Who can forget Chawla stressing out at one moment and as soon as she sees the policeman and shop owner a big smile appears on her face and she begins to dance. Chawla looked pretty in a pink dress with her trademark curly locks.

The song was fun and filled with many comical moments. wishes Juhi Chawla a happy 50th birthday.