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Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff

At times he is carefree then at others a sensitive human being. When acting his eyes display a sense of power as well as many emotions. The great thing about this legend is that he can fit into whatever role given to him, be it the role of an honest police man or a dangerous criminal. The 1st February marks the birthday of the iconic star Jackie Shroff. would like to celebrate the 60th birthday of Shroff by exploring five aspects of his life and career.

JaiKishen transforms into Jackie

At birth he was given the name JaiKishen Kakubhai Shroff but after the film ‘Hero’ (1983) he became known as Jackie Shroff to the Indian film industry. In the film his character was called JaiKishen but after the death of his parents he is taken in by a criminal who transforms him into Jackie Dada. The director of the film Subhash Ghai decided to give Shroff this name as a gift and it proved to be very lucky. He attained a lot of success in films and is known by people all over the world.

Kabhie hero toh kabhie villain

It is quite ironic that the actor who is known for his role in the film ‘Hero’ has played the role of a villain in many films and quite confidently too. In films like ‘Mission Kashmir’ (2000), ‘Samay: When Time Strikes’ (2003) and ‘Happy New Year’ (2014) his characters were all very different but his acting convinced the audience that he was in fact a bad guy. Every villain had a story, an explanation as to why they were doing the things they were doing. Shroff made it all very believable with the way he tackled every role.

For his role in ‘Mission Kashmir’ he was nominated the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a negative role.

Social media

Bindas Bhidu is a name that most Shroff fans will recognise and the reason for that is that this is his twitter handle. He is very much active on Twitter tweeting regularly to let his fans know what he is up to. At times his fans are able to see Shroff as a fan posing with his favourite legends. Just recently Shroff uploaded a picture of himself with Vyjayanthimala who was known for her amazing expressions and wonderful dancing in films.

As well as Twitter, Shroff also has an Instagram account which he likes to use.

Bhai bhai

During the 80’s and 90’s Anil Kapoor and Shroff had worked together in numerous films. Sometimes they played the role of brothers and at other times friends. In 1984 both actors came together for the film ‘Andar Baahar’ in which Shroff was a policeman and Kapoor a criminal. At first they fail to understand each other and see each other as annoying but later they become inseparable and are the best of friends.

The audiences enjoyed seeing both of them together and this is something directors realised too. They worked together in over five films together many of them doing extremely well at the box office.

Nothing like family

It’s a small family but a loving one indeed. Shroff has always had the support of his wife Ayesha Shroff and likewise she has had the same from him when it came to trying new things out.

The couple had two children a son named Tiger who has become a well known name in Bollywood and a daughter named Krishna. Be it his wife or his children he has always supported them every step of the way. Although Shroff didn’t launch his son in a film he has never stepped back from showing how proud he is of him. In interviews he likes to express how he is happy to see that the audience is giving his son so much love and appreciation just like they have always done with him. wishes Jackie Shroff a happy 60th birthday.

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