BizAsia Birthday Love: Dimple Kapadia 60th Special

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


With eyes that resemble the colours of the sea and beauty that strikes, this lady is pure magic to watch onscreen. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Dimple Kapadia is no less beautiful than when she first appeared in the world of Bollywood.

In terms of roles she has managed to do some impressive work over the years in films like ‘Saagar’ (1985) ‘Lekin’ (1990) and ‘Rudaali’ (1993) she has managed to prove that as well as looks she has the talent.

As the 8th June marks the birthday of Kapadia, will look back at some of her most outstanding roles from her films.

‘Bobby’ (1973)

Two teenagers fall in love not knowing that their love story would be no less than of those legends that existed before them. Raj (Rishi Kapoor) sees the beautiful Bobby at his birthday party and after seeing her seems to be enchanted by her thoughts. When he meets her for the first time he is intrigued by her because not only is she pretty but she is chatty and very confident.

The young Kapadia like her role was confident onscreen and had a wonderful charm about her. She said her dialogues with feeling and great chemistry with her co star Kapoor.

The 16 year old Kapadia won the hearts of the audience with her first film in fact she won the Filmfare Award for best actress for her role as Bobby Braganza.

‘Kaash’ (1987)

It was a heartbreaking story of how two individuals knew that they would lose the most precious person in their lives and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Pooja (Kapadia) and Ritesh (Jackie Shroff) are a married couple who live a happy life with their child, that is until they lose their wealth and struggle to get by. Ritesh (Shroff) turns to alcohol while Pooja (Kapadia) tries to fight her circumstances and finds work. This causes problems between the couple which is witnessed by their child. Their lives take a turn for the worst when they find out that their son is dying with only a few months to live.

This film saw Kapadia in a new light, it was a very serious role that would have been difficult to do but Kapadia played her role with ease. It was near to reality and her performance as a mother to a sick child and a wife to a frustrated husband was just unbelievable.

‘Krantiveer’ (1994)

Meghna Dixit (Kapadia) was the passionate journalist who wanted to make a difference to people’s lives. However her neighbour Pratap (Nana Patekar) would always mock her when she would encourage him to wake the people up and make them see the reality before them.

There were many hard hitting scenes in the film such as the court scene where the hopeful Meghna (Kapadia) asks the judge to give her justice and when she senses that she won’t get it she challenges him. That scene was unforgettable for the way Kapadia spoke those dialogues, the way she begs for justice makes the audience feel her pain and helplessness.

Kapadia won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for her powerful performance of the journalist who wanted to help the people around her.

‘Hum Tumpe Marte Hai’ (1999)

Devyani (Kapadia) was a business woman who lived with her son and sister in law Radhika (Urmila Matondkar) who had recently arrived from her village. Devyani (Kapadia) isn’t one to put her feelings on display and tends to order people around. She hates her neighbours and not once is seen speaking to them politely. Things go from bad to worse when Radhika (Matondkar) falls in love with their neighbour’s son Rahul (Govinda). When Devyani (Kapadia) learns of this she does everything she can to keep them apart.

The film didn’t do particularly well at the box office but the reason this role stands out is the fact that it was perhaps the first negative role that Kapadia had done. The way she speaks so rudely to her neighbours it’s surprising to see Kapadia in this avatar. Also the methods Devyani (Kapadia) uses to keep the two lovers apart is interesting to watch.

‘Dil Chahta Hai’ (2001)

Tara Jaiswal (Kapadia) meets Sid (Akshaye Khanna) when she moves into his neighbourhood. Eventually the two become good friends and they often meet up sharing important moments of their lives together such as Sid’s (Khanna) art exhibition and Tara’s (Kapadia) birthday. As time goes by Sid (Khanna) realises that he has fallen in love with Tara (Kapadia) but when he shares this news with his mother and friends they’re not exactly happy for him. The reason being that Tara (Kapadia) is a lot older, she is divorced and has a drinking problem they just can’t get their heads around their friends choice.

Kapadia was nominated for the IIFA Best Supporting Actress Award although it was a small role it is a performance that sticks with the audience.

 ‘Cocktail’ (2012)

Kavita Kapoor was an outstanding character played by Kapadia. She was loud, judgemental but also had a lot of love to give out. Saif Ali Khan played the role of Gautam who loved his mum but was a little suffocated at times by her affection. Wanting to see him settled down she lands up at her son’s doorstep and decides to take matters into her own hands. When she sees his two roommates are female she is shocked but as time goes by she sees them as her own children.

It was a wonderful performance by Kapadia as she was funny, caring and at times reminded one of their own mother.

The team at wishes Dimple Kapadia a happy 60th birthday!