Biz Bitch – Weekly Column


Biz Bitch will be scouting around for silly blunders in UK Asian TV, radio and press and bringing them to you.

We’re watching and listening closer than ever to keep certain organisations on their tod! If you spot anything out of place, the time is here now to name and shame…The Biz Bitch!

Talk about mickey mouse television! Don’t ask us what we were doing on
Sunrise TV on Wednesday night but good job we were, else this bitch wouldn’t have come your way! Just when the news reader was about to kick off at 9pm someone in the studio abruptly walked past the camera and the bulletin had to be suspended even before it had started. With a fraction of a section a dated Akshay Kumar movie took over and barely ten minutes into the movie, the 9 o’clock news was back!

If this wasn’t rookie enough you don’t want to know what the news reader (quite fluent in Hindi, we must admit!) was wearing – a cheap pin-striped blazer on top of a heavily sequined party top with dangling ear-rings! Guess it’s the Navratri fever!

Do you know of any ridiculous goof-ups? If so, let the Biz Bitch investigate. Tell us the time and date of broadcast or publication and leave the rest to us! Email: [email protected]

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