Birthday Special: Different shades of Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra is one Bollywood actress who needs no introductions. Fresh from her success internationally with her American TV show ��Quantico�۪, Chopra has shown the film industry that her nationality or sex does not need to matter when it comes to her film roles. She has transitioned from Bollywood to Hollywood and now is the lead in her own TV show, which is being broadcast internationally. 2016 has been an incredibly successful year for Chopra, ��Quantico�۪ has been renewed for another season and she has gained awards for her role in ��Bajirao Mastani�۪ (2015). She has also been busy working on her first Hollywood film ��Baywatch�۪ (2017) and controversially playing the villain in the film. With so much going on in the world of Priyanka Chopra, BizAsia is��looking at the many shades of Chopra through the various roles she has played during her time in Bollywood.

The damsel in distress in ��Mujhse Shaadi Karogi�۪ (2004)

Priyanka Chopra - MSK 340x

In ��Mujhse Shaadi Karogi�۪ Chopra played Rani, an aspiring fashion designer befriends Sameer (Salman Khan) who unbeknownst to her is in love with her. Competing for her hand as well as Sameer is Sunny (Akshay Kumar) who also seeks her attention and steals Rani away from Sameer. This film was a romantic comedy, hence the storyline was a little chaotic but Chopra looked beautiful on screen with some great song and dance numbers showcasing her talents.

The adulteress in ��Aitraaz�۪ (2004)

Priyanka Chopra

As Sonia in ��Aitraaz�۪, this role was one of Chopra�۪s most controversial roles as the adulteress who tries to blackmail her former lover Raj (Akshay Kumar). When Raj rejects her advances, she tells her husband that Raj sexually harassed her. It was a unique take on harassment and how men can be perceived in these situations in the eyes of law. Chopra was fantastic as Sonia, seductive and sultry when needed and playing the victim to the tee when needed.

The patient wife in ��Barsaat�۪ (2005)

��Priyanka Chopra, Bobby Deol Barsaat 340x

��Barsaat�۪ was one movie, which showed the softer side of Chopra as Kajal, the patient wife waiting for her husband Arav (Bobby Deol) to return from the United States. However when he does return, he comes seeking a divorce from Kajal claiming that he was forced to marry her and now he has fallen in love with Anna (Bipasha Basu) and plans to marry her. Kajal is not so forgiving and tries to win back Arav and then eventually gives in and signs the papers. As Kajal, Chopra showed immense strength as the character and the audience felt endeared towards her.

The double agent in ��Don�۪ (2006)

��Priyanka Chopra Don 340x

Chopra played the jungli billi Roma, a special agent who is intent on catching Don (Shah Rukh Khan) who is a criminal mastermind. Roma infiltrates Don�۪s gang to avenge her brother and his fiance�۪s death. The film deals with a lot of double dealing with Roma being played by the characters in the film for their own means. She had some very striking action scenes in the film and Chopra trained hard before the shoot of the film to ensure that she was convincing as the special agent.

The diva in ��Salaam ���E-Ishq�۪ (2007)

��Priyanka Chopra - Salmaan e Ishq 340x

��Salaam-E-Ishq�۪ told the story of six love stories, which were all interwoven in some way to create the film. Chopra played the temperamental Kamini Ranawat who hires Babu (Tinnu Anand) who promises to make her a Karan Johar actress. To get attention from the press and not to be seen as an item girl, Kamini says she is in love with Rahul, a made up person. However when she lands in London, a man calling himself Rahul Khanna (Salman Khan) arrives saying he is her childhood sweetheart. Kamini�۪s role was of a spoilt actress who is determined to do anything to get her own way and achieve her dream role.

Every woman from every astrological sign in ��What�۪s your Raashee?�۪ (2009)

��Priyanka Chopra What's Your Rashee 340x

Not many actresses could have pulled off this movie but Chopra did this with finesse. Chopra played 12 different characters in this film, all which had different personalities according to their astrological sign. Though the film was incredibly long, Chopra�۪s performance as the various characters was commended. She transitioned between each of the characters ensuring that each one was different.

An autistic girl in ��Barfi�۪ (2012)

Kapoor and Chopra in 'Barfi!'��

In ��Barfi�۪, Chopra played an autistic girl called Jhilmil Chatterjee who is kidnapped by deaf-mute Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) for ransom. They both develop an attachment with each other and eventually fall in love. The story was told with such innocence and Chopra was brilliant as Jhilmil, it was in fact hard to tell that it was her on screen. Chopra spent time with autistic children to ensure that she was doing the character justice and ensured that she came across as authentic.

The boxer in ��Mary Kom�۪ (2014)

��'Mary Kom'

Doing a biopic of anyone is not easy and doing one where the character is still alive and well is difficult. Chopra took on the role of Mary Kom and worked hard to make sure that she gave the role of the eponymous boxer her best shot. The film showed Kom�۪s journey from being a boxer to her victory at the 2008 World Championships in Ningbo. Chopra took on the challenge to play Kom and had to endure training, muscle building and learning the sport. She prepared for three months before the film and was even trained by Kom�۪s boxing coaches.

There is no doubt about it, Priyanka Chopra is one of the most dedicated and hard working actresses and her library of work shows how much talent she has. Chopra showcases time and time again that she is the best and she continues to make her name internationally.

BizAsia wish Chopra all the best for her upcoming projects and wish her a very happy birthday.

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