Birthday Love: The game of genres with Sidharth Malhotra


His first role saw him achieve success at the box office and the love of fans from around the world.

After that he tried to experiment and took his time choosing roles that came his way. Some may complain that he has done very few films but on a positive note, whatever roles he has done he has tried to do something unique each time. This actor is none other than Sidharth Malhotra who celebrates his 34th birthday on the 16th January. On this occasion, will look at the various genres in which Malhotra has tried to do something out of the box.

‘Student of the year’ (2012) saw three newcomers star in one of the biggest hits of the year. Malhotra played the role of Abhimanyu Singh who is calm and of a quiet nature, although he talks less that doesn’t mean he is weak in any way. If need be he can protect himself and fight for his rights. When Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) meets this charming young man she can’t help but fall for his caring nature unlike her boyfriend Rohan (Varun Dhawan) who pays no attention to her. Malhotra was sweet and caring as well as being cool and collective.

There isn’t just one in fact there are a few films that can be mentioned in this particular category. ‘Brothers’ (2011) had action in a different manner as it was fighting but in a sport. When it came to ‘Ek Villain’ (2014) Malhotra played the role of Guru who was trying to leave his life of darkness behind especially when he meets a girl who accepts him for who he is. When his happiness is snatched away from him the ruthless side that he had caged is free and the culprits are in danger.

Then there was ‘A Gentleman’ (2017) that had Malhotra do action but with style. Action is something that Malhotra can be seen doing without a doubt especially with his fitness and physique, he looks the part and fits into the genre really well.

Malhotra played the part of Arjun who was like an outsider in his own family. Arjun felt like he wasn’t good enough for his parents as he wasn’t like his elder brother Rahul (Fawad Khan) who was a successful writer and doing well for himself. ‘Kapoor & Sons’ (2016) showed Malhotra like never before as he was naughty, he was fun and basically wanted to be noticed by his family who usually ignored his opinions.

His scenes with Rishi Kapoor had one in stitches as he was the lovable grandson helping his grandfather live a little, even his scenes with Khan were memorable. One particular scene is where Arjun is teaching Rahul how to drive and another driver behind them isn’t so patient with this learner driver. Arjun tells Rahul to just carry on driving while he teaches them a lesson, it was a rib tickling scene by Malhotra.

Sports Drama
‘Brothers’ (2011) had Malhotra team up with some big names from the industry. He had Akshay Kumar playing the part of his elder brother as well as his competition in the fighting arena. Jackie Shroff was playing the role of his father who was battling with alcohol throughout his life. It was a family drama that had Malhotra try many different things in this one film. He was showing various emotions as well as training for a sport which was very tough but believable on screen whenever he appeared in a scene.

‘Ittefaq’ (2017) saw Malhotra in one of his most interesting roles till date. The film was a remake of the 1969 film based on the same title. It had many wondering whether this remake would be able to live up to the Rajesh Khanna and Nanda film. Malhotra was very convincing in his role as a writer who ends up being a likely suspect in a murder case. Throughout the film he had the audience on the edge of their seat, making them think is he really a murderer or is he just being framed.

Team wishes Sidharth Malhotra a very happy birthday and all the best for his projects this year.

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