Birthday Love: Saba Qamar at her best


This actress has always tried to do something different in terms of roles. In the drama ‘Digest Writer’ (2014), she played the role of a girl who wanted to write but had very little support from her family. In 2017 she won many hearts in the Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’, where she played the role of a worried mother and a demanding wife.

The 5th April marks the birthday of the queen of talent Saba Qamar. To celebrate this occasion will look at five dramas in which Qamar won an award for her various performances.

‘Maat’ (2011)
Qamar played the role of Saman who was beautiful, selfish and dreamed of becoming rich by any means possible. She had a sister named Aiman (Aamina Sheikh) who was the complete opposite of her. Aiman was caring, respectful and very obedient towards her mother and others. Saman on the other hand didn’t care much for peoples feelings except for her own.

A time comes when Saman steals Aiman’s fiancé Faisal (Adnan Siddiqui) even though she had rejected him before because she wanted to marry a rich man. It is only when Faisal begins to do well in his business and buys a car that Saman changes her mind and wants Faisal for herself.

Qamar’s portrayal of a selfish woman who only cares about herself and no one else was very powerful. When watching her it made the audiences angry as to how she could treat others especially her own family badly but that shows the power in her performance.

She received many nominations for this drama but it was in 2012 at the Pakistan Media Awards that Qamar won the best TV actress award for her role in this drama.

‘Pani Jaisa Pyar’ (2011)
Sana (Qamar) lives with her mother and her two older siblings. When she was younger she had gotten engaged to her mother’s, best friend’s son Adarsh (Mikaal Zulfiqar), ever since then she has always believed she is his and will marry him one day.

Things change in a matter of moments when her family is torn apart by circumstances, her brother is sent to jail while her own life is shattered when her brother’s best friend takes advantage of her. She believes that she can no longer get married unless she tells her future in laws the truth but her mother is against this. It was a challenging character for Qamar who faces so much in her life but still she isn’t willing to deceive anyone to make her life easier.

At the Lux Style Awards in 2012 she won the best TV actress award for her role in this drama.

‘Baaghi’ (2017)
A true story that reached all corners of the world and touched the lives of many. This drama was said to be based on the life of Qandeel Baloch, a YouTuber who was murdered by her brother in 2016, in an honour killing.

Even before the first episode had been aired it was getting a lot of recognition over social media. People were taking notice but at the same time they were very apprehensive about how they would show the controversial life of Baloch in a drama.

Qamar made the audiences go on a journey of emotions. Sometimes they would be laughing in hysterics, sometimes they would question the things happening in society and then there were many times they would be crying buckets of tears for our main lead. Qamar was outstanding with the way her character evolves from the young ambitious Fouzia Batool in a village to the confident and stylish Kanwal Baloch in the city.

This year at the 17th Lux Style Awards, Qamar won the best TV actress award for her iconic performance.

‘Daastan’ (2010)
Razia Butt was a famous novelist and writer who wrote many novels in her time. One of her novel’s ‘Bano’ was made into the drama ‘Dastaan’ in 2010. The story revolved around the partition of India and mainly focused on the life of a girl named Bano (Sanam Baloch) and her journey before and after the partition. It was a hard hitting drama but was appreciated by the audiences for its storyline and the performances of all actors involved.

Qamar looked stunning in all scenes with her traditional outfits and adorned in beautiful jewellery. Her character Surraiyah was ever so sweet and caring. The way she got along with everyone especially her in laws was really nice to watch.

At the Pakistan Media Awards she won the best supporting actress award for her role of Surraiyah.

‘Bunty I Love You’ (2013)
Qamar played the role of a young woman named Dania who during her teenage years was made to marry an older man. Dania respected her husband but was unable to love him. Her marriage was a reminder of the many betrayals she had encountered from her parents and her fiancé. When her husband passes away he leaves his vast wealth for her which is something Dania had never thought about. For her, her freedom was most important and now that was in her control.

One day when Bunty (Noman Habib) enters her life a new love awakens and along with it many other obstacles.

This drama was regarded as one of Qamar’s most popular ones therefore in 2015 she won the Best Actor Female (Jury) award at the Hum TV Awards. wishes Saba Qamar a very happy birthday and all the best for her latest drama ‘Cheekh’.

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