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Birthday love: Ronit Roy’s five most memorable roles

Ronit Roy is one actor who has made a huge impression with audiences both on the big screen and small. Quickly becoming a household name, the actor has always maintained different roles for family-friendly shows and big silver screen dramas, where audiences are guaranteed a good watch when they see him appear on their screens.

As he celebrates his birthday today, takes you through the five most thought-provoking roles of Roy’s career.

‘Kyunki…Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ (2000-2008)
Roy had big shoes to fill when ‘Kyunki…Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’ came his way. Already having had two character changes for the role of Mihr Virani, the show and characters were very precious favourites with the audiences. Here was a show that marked a huge increase in the way TV shows were being watched worldwide and Roy became a perfect fit in playing lead character Tulsi’s husband. Already familiar with Gujarati, Roy gave an effortless performance playing a role in a Gujarati family, where it soon felt as though he had played this character all along. Making such a huge impression on his audiences, this role then bagged him ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ (2001-2008) which only heightened his acclaim.

‘Bandini’ (2009-2011)
Sticking to daily TV dramas, there were always mixed emotions when a series featuring the actor ended. Sad that he no longer was the role they loved so much and excited for what he had next, ‘Bandini’ was a rather different yet endearing story for him to take on. Playing the stern and strict Thakur who marries a much younger girl for busiess reasons, Roy is seen as the villain in the series. This set Roy in a whole new type of acting. Showing a negative side where he managed to slowly turn his character’s attitude around, the actor showed brilliance in his craft, winning his audiences by the end of the show. Through this, Roy had broadened his options in the types of roles he proved he could take on.

‘Udaan’ (2010)
Already having had a good list of big screeners under his belt, Roy had never been seen in a role like he played in ‘Udaan’. An angry and abusive father who tortured his son, driving him to run away, was an uncomfortable watch for many who were familiar with his work. Though, his acting made a huge impact on critics and audiences alike. Roy played this part with perfection where he made his viewers feel exactly what they needed to to have impact. Bringing out the worst in his character, but the best in himself as an actor had been expressed throughout the film.

‘2 States’ (2014)
An adaptation of any kind is always a little difficult to portray perfectly on-screen. So when Roy was given the opportunity to play the hot-headed, angry father in ‘2 States’ based on Chetan Bhagat’ novel, it seemed Roy already had a lot of experience in this area. However, instead of his character being extremely black and white, this film gave him the opportunity to show a grey area in the “dysfunctional” relationship he shared with his son played by Arjun Kapoor. Again, here was a character that was seen with negative shades, and one that many may have even found familiar with in relation to their own experience with a parent. However, playing a role who eventually provokes a sincere side without breaking the stern foundation of his character, is something not a lot of people can do. However, Roy is nothing but perfect where he expresses the flaws of a parent trying to do the right thing. Winning his audiences over, where, like his son, accept his mistakes and forgive his attitude.

‘Kaabil’ (2017)
Finding a certain niche for villainous roles, Roy came together with his real younger brother Rohit Roy in ‘Kaabil’, in which they played reel brothers. However, it was senior Roy who made the most impact. With a character who will do whatever it takes to ensure his power remains intact and no harm is done to his brother, Roy’s performance was so effective, his character made his viewers’ skin crawl with every word he spoke. Despite being defeated at the end of the film, Roy’s performance continues to play on people’s minds every time they think of this film.

Roy continues to create fireworks and his ability to capture his viewers’ attention just by his presence is effortless. Here’s wishing Ronit Roy a very happy birthday!