Birthday love: The rise & rise of Anushka Sharma

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


Over the recent years this actress has managed to explore various platforms within a short space of time. Along with her brother she created her own production company named ‘Clean Slate Films’ with which they’ve produced some amazing films. Not only this she has acted in some larger than life films as well as now starting her own fashion line.

Anushka Sharma is a star who has managed to make people take notice of her through her remarkable work rather than her private life. The 1st May marks Sharma’s 30th birthday and to celebrate this day will look at Sharma’s journey in Bollywood from her first film up until now.

‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ (2008)
Taani (Sharma) is a young woman whose happiness is short lived when on the day of her wedding her fiancé passes away in an accident and her father dies of a heart attack. A man who she barely knows out of respect for his mentor agrees to marry Taani so that she isn’t left alone. As it was her fathers last wish she also agrees to marry Surinder (Shah Rukh khan). She promises that she will fulfil her duty of a good wife however she would never be able to love him.

This was Sharma’s début film and she was outstanding, she received many nominations for her performance such as the Filmfare Best Actress Award.

‘Badmaash Company’ (2010)
Bulbul (Sharma) was a young woman from a small city with big dreams in her eyes. She had always wanted to be a famous model and would attend various auditions however after facing many rejections and some horrible characters, she ditches her dream of becoming a model and decides to try something dangerous.

Bulbul was confident and very decisive, she wasn’t like other girls who would be too shy to express themselves. Bulbul said what she felt whether people liked it or not and above all she was a risk taker. This role was very different from her previous one not only as a character but in the way she looked too.

‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ (2010)
This girl was ambitious and knew from the start what she had to do to achieve her goals in life. Shruti (Sharma) wanted to have her own wedding business where she would get the chance to make someone’s most important day be extra special. This role had Sharma stand out because she was a young woman who lived by her own rules and would accomplish her goals first before she let anyone tell her what to do with her life.

When Bittu (Ranveer Singh) joins her little business venture she is hesitant because if things were to go wrong it would jeopardise her business.

Sharma won the hearts of many with her performance and her chemistry with Singh was one that till date is considered one of the best.

‘Patiala House’ (2011)
Sharma played the part of Simran who gradually falls in love with Gattu (Akshay Kumar) who is an obedient son to his father but is unable to live his life as he wants. All this begins to change when Simran questions the way he is living and encourages him to follow his dreams. It was a sports film that explored cricket and courage. Sharma’s character was one who knew that the world talked bad about her yet she ignored this and did what she felt was right for her. Her role was a small one but she still managed to get herself noticed.

‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ (2011)
Smart, intelligent, a beauty with brains that described Sharma perfectly in this role. Once again she was paired opposite Singh in this Yash Raj Production and who better to be paired with as their chemistry was sizzling.

Sharma had worked very hard on her look especially her body, in a pool scene the audience got to see her toned physique. Her wardrobe was stylish and her hair was styled differently. Her hair had been coloured brown and she had layers, it was a different look but it suited her very well.

‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ (2013)
Bijlee is just like her name a bolt of lightning who isn’t one to be controlled by anyone. Imran Khan was cast opposite Sharma as well as Arya Babbar.

She had a unique sense of style in this film with long dark hair, purple highlights and her body decorated in tattoos. This look was to suggest that her character was very bold but really Bijlee was a disappointed individual who was sick of the life she was leading.

It was an interesting character but unfortunately the film didn’t manage to convince the audiences.

‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ (2015)
Farah (Sharma) was a beautiful dancer who catches the eye of the rich bachelor Kabir (Singh) while they’re on a cruise.

Her character is strong and doesn’t believe in regrets. She tells her story of how she had left home not having anywhere to go yet she still left in the hope of doing something with her life. When she sees Kabir (Singh) even she is willing to break the rules to be with him and when she feels that she is being used she won’t sit back and be a victim.

Sharma looked amazing in this film, seen with the likes of Priyanka Chopra who is known for her immense style Sharma looked no less.

‘NH10’ (2015)
It was Sharma’s first production and boy what a film she decided to produce. Perhaps she had no idea herself how much the audiences would love her role in this film. Sharma transforms from an ordinary woman into a heartless machine who will destroy anything that gets in her way.

What was supposed to be a break from a horrible few days turns into a horrifying experience for Meera (Sharma) and her husband. When Meera and her husband see a young couple being beaten by a group of men her husband tries to intervene which results in them raising their hand on him. Angered by this he decides to follow them in the car which ends up putting Meera and him in big danger.

Sharma proved that a film can be made in which the actress saves the day and not a hero is required to save her.

‘Bombay Velvet’ (2015)
It was a box office disaster that saw Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar and Sharma come together in this 1960’s drama. Many had been dying to see the pairing of Kapoor and Sharma but even this pairing couldn’t help save the film. Sharma’s character was a jazz singer named Rosie who gets caught in a world of danger and treachery.

Sharma revealed that for this film she had used a lip enhancing tool for her lips which critics and audiences felt wasn’t really necessary. Not only this, special care was taken when it came to her costumes as she had to look like she belonged from a specific time. Although the film didn’t do too well it didn’t discourage Sharma as she continued to focus on her many projects.

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ (2012)
Akira was a cool tomboy who had the heart of a girl but had the attitude of a guy. Fearless and ambitious, her dream was to become a presenter/journalist for the Discovery Channel. She was known to be stubborn and always got her way. However she never realised that while reaching her goal she would discover love and heartbreak along the way.

This film had two actresses and the other actress was Katrina Kaif. This didn’t affect Sharma in any way in fact she shined in her performance as Akira, the girl who experienced love but it remained unrequited.

‘PK’ (2014)
Sharma tried to do something different with her look in this film which many felt was a bad choice. She wore a short wig which gave her a boyish look. As for her character Jaggu, she is an independent woman who is successful at work and aspires to do better everyday. Still she lacks affection and love in her life.

While working as a TV reporter she comes across an alien named PK (Aamir Khan) who ends up getting into a lot of trouble while searching for a remote he has lost. Jaggu teams up with him to help him find his remote and at the same time uses him for her debate show which causes people to stand up and take notice of things they would usually avoid.

Khan and Sharma’s pairing was so successful that many look forward to seeing the two work together in the future.

‘Sultan’ (2016)
Many names had been paired alongside Salman Khan but in the end it was Sharma who was given the role of Aarfa. It was the first time she was paired opposite Khan therefore a lot of attention was given to this at the time. Sharma’s character Aarfa, is a female wrestler who loves what she does. She is a tomboy who is dressed in sports wear most of the time. In one scene when Khan is having trouble with his scooter she takes charge and makes him sit at the back while she rides the bike.

Sharma had to go through some intense training to make her look convincing as a wrestler. There are some scenes in the film where she can be seen doing some special wrestling moves, after ‘NH10’ it was a great opportunity for Sharma to explore the world of action again.

‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ (2016)
If anyone received a lot of appreciation for this film it was Sharma. Alizeh (Sharma)was a passionate young woman who had Bollywood in her every breath, whatever chance she could get she would try to enact a scene or speak a dialogue from her favourite film. Alizeh was a fun person to be around but at the same time she was like a tragic story. When Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) confesses his love to her she has no idea how much her rejection will affect him and their relationship.

Sharma goes from this fun loving girl to a woman who tries to fight her way through this thing call life. Her character is not one who follows the rules, she would rather be happy herself and make her own mistakes instead of blaming others. It was a role unlike any she had done before but it is one that will be remembered for the energy in her performance.

‘Phillauri’ (2017)
When the trailer for this film first appeared people were mesmerised and excited to know more about Sharma’s role in this film. When a young man’s family insist that he should marry a tree in order to get rid of his bad luck what they don’t realise is that while doing so they have made him marry a spirit. This spirit is of a young woman who had committed suicide and since her death has been living within the tree but after the tree is cut down she has no where to go but to follow the young man. It was a romantic comedy that spoke of love in today’s day and age and explored the love of two people from many decades ago.

Sharma was fantastic as Shammi as her comic timing had one in stitches. Diljit Dosanjh was paired opposite her and what a pairing. The audiences loved them together and appreciated their work.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ (2017)
Once again she was paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan in this much talked about film by Imtiaz Ali. The film had mixed reviews as some felt that the story didn’t make much sense while some praised the director for his vision. Sharma looked very stylish mostly seen in a western look that was pretty but quite relaxed.

For this film Sharma had prepared for her role by working on her accent as she played a young Gujarati woman who is a lawyer by profession. The song ‘main bani teri Radha’ became very popular seeing Sharma in some beautiful locations alongside Khan.

‘Pari’ (2018)
Sharma was seen like never before in this horror film which she produced and acted in. It was the first time she had worked in this genre therefore she tried to create something different to what has been seen before in Bollywood. The trailer had many scared but at the same time thrilled to see Sharma try something new.

She had a terrifying look and the story seemed to be very intriguing. Through her own production company Sharma is experimenting like never before and constantly continues to push boundaries. wishes Sharma a happy 30th birthday and all the very best for her upcoming projects!