Birthday Love: Rani Mukerji – One powerful woman in various career roles

Yasmin Shabir

Features Writer


This actress has played many thought provoking roles in her career. In ‘Black’ (2005) she played a deaf and blind woman who faced many struggles on a daily basis yet she never gave up and moved on with strength. After a break of four years she has made a return with the upcoming film ‘Hichki’ in which she will be playing the role of a teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome.

21st March will see Rani Mukerji turn 40 this year, therefore to mark this occasion will look at Mukerji in five roles where she showcased a powerful woman in a career.

Associate Editor in ‘Bombay Talkies’ (2013)
In the eyes of her colleagues she is beautiful, intelligent and has the ability to make or break a persons career in the media field. Gayatri (Mukerji) is good at what she does and seems to really enjoy her role of an editor at work.

Her life at home isn’t how she imagined it would be. Her husband doesn’t give her the attention she wants and she feels that this is how life is meant to be. However she doesn’t let this affect her and continues to do well at work.

Gayatri was extremely successful, creative and was capable of going places in her field.

Designer in ‘Hum Tum’ (2004)
Rhea Prakash (Mukerji) starts her journey as a student who goes to New York to study fashion designing. Many years later she opens her own little boutique in Paris and becomes an independent business woman.

Rhea was always strong mentally and knew that whatever she did in life she wanted to do it on her own merit. She didn’t want to see sympathy in peoples eyes for her especially when her husband passes away. She decides to get her life back on track and with her mothers support and blessings she successfully manages to run her boutique and tries to keep busy with her work.

Mukerji won many awards for her portrayal of a confident woman who knew what she wanted and didn’t regret the things she did.

News reporter in ‘No One Killed Jessica’ (2011)
Mukerji played the role of a news reporter who wanted to make a difference whether others supported her or not. Meera Gaity (Mukerji) hears about the murder of a young woman named Jessica and believes it is an open and shut case as there were around three hundred witnesses who saw what happened. However when she learns the culprit has got away with it she is infuriated. She brings it upon herself to help Jessica get justice, she feels that as a reporter it is her duty to do this.

Meera was stubborn, she was gutsy and said what she felt no matter how bad it sound. In one scene she is shouting about how she badly wants to work on this case but her boss refuses to let her because it’s too late and there isn’t a story. Meera is literally on top of his car shouting how finally they have a chance to make things right and do what they were meant to do in this profession.

Mukerji won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress award for her role.

Lawyer in ‘Veer-Zaara’ (2004)
Saamiya Sidiqui was an inspirational character played by Mukerji which garnered a lot of appreciation. Saamiya was a young lawyer who was on her way to make history with her very first case, her case revolved an Indian prisoner named Veer (Shah rRukh Khan) who was imprisoned in Pakistan for something he hadn’t done. She showed a different side to lawyers, Saamiya actually cared for this prisoner and wanted to help him at any cost.

The way Mukerji spoke her dialogues with conviction especially in the court room scenes it was amazing to watch. Two people fought a battle of words in order to win the case, each for their own reasons. Zakir Ahmed played by Anupam Kher wanted to teach Saamiya a lesson and continue his record of winning all his cases. Saamiya however truly wanted to help this man return home to his family, to his country and to make her father proud.

Her character believed in good and was willing to go to any lengths to help Veer return home, she even travels to his home in India in order to gain evidence.

In 2005 Mukerji received the IIFA award for the Best Supporting Actress for her role as the caring lawyer.

Police officer in ‘Mardaani’ (2014)
A strong woman who doesn’t know the meaning of fear that was Shivani Shivaji Roy. When a child she cares for gets kidnapped she puts all her efforts into finding the culprits only to realise the matter is much more complicated than she had anticipated.

It was indeed a role which one never expected to see Mukerji in as her character was quite macho in the way she handled herself and spoke but overall she was fantastic she proved that with this role she is the hero.

At the Stardust Awards she won the Best Thriller- Action Actress award which was definitely an award she deserved. Her action scenes in the film showed how much work had gone into her preparation for this film. wishes Rani Mukerji a very happy birthday and all the best for ‘Hichki’ which will be releasing on the 23rd March.