Birthday Love: If Ranbir Kapoor was in five Kapoor remakes


28th September marks the birthday of Ranbir Kapoor, a member of the famous Kapoor family. His family have been a part of Indian cinema for decades be it through acting or film making, they have made each other proud. will look at five films by the Kapoor men and imagine how they would be if Ranbir was a part of them.

Raj Kapoor in ‘Awara’ (1951)
This classic was one of Raj Kapoor’s greatest creations ever. Not only did he produce the film but he also directed and acted in it too. His character was compared to Charlie Chaplin from the way he was dressed and the way he carried himself.

A young man wants to change his ways but no matter how much he tries he is forced to go on the wrong path. The film had everything from great music, a dramatic storyline and some wonderful work by all professionals involved.

Ranbir has been compared to his grandfather many times especially after the film ‘Barfi’ (2012). His performance in that film saw him act like never before. There were expressions and certain scenes acted by him that reminded one of Raj so much. Therefore for such a powerful role Ranbir would be suitable as the young vagabond.

Shammi Kapoor in ‘An Evening In Paris’ (1967)
The film had everything from comedy, drama, romance and lots of great music. Shammi Kapoor was known for his amazing expressions and of course his dancing skills, in fact he was known as the Indian Elvis Presley.

Ranbir has already given the audience a little teaser of what it would have been like had he been a part of this film. In ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ (2016) Ranbir did a small tribute to his grand uncle Shammi by performing on the title song of ‘An Evening in Paris’.

Shammi would be proud as Ranbir has both the expressions and is a sensational dancer, so who better to play his role in this film.

Shashi Kapoor in ‘Hasina Maan Jayegi’ (1968)
We are yet to see Ranbir in a double role so it would be interesting to see him in this remake. His grand uncle Shashi did a fantastic role of playing two identical men but with very different persona’s. One was Rakesh the loud, confident and used to getting what he wants sort of guy while Kamal was sweet and very down to earth.

The reason Ranbir would be perfect for this role is because he is known for trying new things in his films. He puts so much effort into one character and does his role brilliantly, just imagine two different characters and Ranbir playing them. That would definitely be something to look forward to.

Randhir Kapoor in ‘Kal Aaj Aur Kal’ (1971)
The story focused on three generations and what happens when their thoughts and beliefs clash.

Rajesh (Randhir) had been studying abroad and returns to India to live with his father. Also around the same time his grandfather from the village arrives to live with them. It is perhaps the first time that the grandfather, his son and his grandson have lived together and it is during this time they learn more about one another. Rajesh (Randhir) is modern while his grandfather Diwan Bahudar (Prithviraj Kapoor) is very old fashioned in his thinking. Raj Kapoor who is both a father and a son is stuck between the two generations as he understands both of their points of view.

Ranbir would be able to play his uncles role of Rajesh very well because in films like ‘Wake up Sid’ (2009) and ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ (2013) he has done roles where he has clashed with his family. In those roles he has done things because he felt he was right from his own point of view just like Rajesh (Randhir) in this film does.

Rishi Kapoor in ‘Naya Daur’ (1978)
When it comes to this Kapoor, it is very difficult to choose just one film that Ranbir could be a part of. Once again in the film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ (2016) he and Anushka Sharma re-enacted a scene from the film ‘Chandni’ (1989) which starred Sridevi and his father Rishi.

However there is a film that Rishi worked in which sadly didn’t give him the recognition he deserved but if Ranbir was to be a part of this remake perhaps things would be different.

The story was of Mahesh (Rishi) who was a good student and lived a middle class life with his parents. When his father is forced to retire from his job they have to move to the slums where life is very different to what they are used to. Mahesh (Rishi) graduates and begins to look for work but is unable to find anything as he has no recommendation letter or money to bribe the people at the office. Things take a strange turn when he decides he has had enough of being good.

It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine Ranbir playing the role of the young hero who is trying to make something of his life but constantly keeps getting dragged back. wishes Ranbir Kapoor a very happy birthday and all the best for his upcoming releases.

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