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Birthday love: Neha Kakkar’s remarkably memorable songs

Making a mark in the Indian film industry is no easy feat. It comes easy for some, it takes years for others, but talent is identified early on. Neha Kakkar sang her way into our hearts in 2006 with her participation in ‘Indian Idol’. The strength in her voice spoke volumes then, but she wasn’t officially recognized by Bollywood composers till 2012, and hasn’t looked back since. Kakkar has sung in various genres and languages, but hasn’t limited herself to just that. She sings, dances, stars in her own music videos, and has even judged the very show that introduced her talent to the world (‘Indian Idol’).

As Kakkar celebrates her 32nd birthday on 6th June, reflects on five of her many remarkable songs.

Mile Ho Tum Humko Reprise- ‘Fever’
The reprise version of ‘Mile Ho Tum Humko’ from ‘Fever’ (2016) is possibly one of Kakkar’s most popular romantic tracks. Along with brother Tony, she sang this heartwarming rendition utmost beautifully. Audiences who typecasted Kakkar into only high pitched dance numbers were blown away, and she proved that she could sing romance with as much enthusiasm and melody as her counterparts.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne– ‘Hate Story IV’
Himesh Reshammiya’s original composition ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ (2005) was recreated as a female version for ‘Hate Story IV’ (2018). Kakkar’s seductive spin on this track was soothing and intense. Remakes of popular hits are usually unable to recreate the same magic the second time around, but Kakkar proved that her version of the tune would indeed be different and was applauded by the masses.

Jinke Liye– ‘Jaani Ve’
Kakkar’s most recent single ‘Jinke Liye’ from the album ‘Jaani Ve’ (2020) gave the audience a whole new reason to admire the singer’s versatility. The melancholic ballad of love and deceit was a change from her upbeat cheerful numbers. Listeners couldn’t help but drown themselves in the immense passion that Kakkar brought to the plate. The pain and grief one feels when they learn of their partner’s infidelity was soulfully rendered by the songstress.

O Humsafar– ‘T-Series’
Kakkar and her brother Tony are beloved for their many singles together. ‘O Humsafar’ (2018) is a single that was also a duet between the siblings. A romantic story, whose music video was released by ‘T-Series’, starred Kakkar in the female role. A tale of companionship with a promise of a forever love, this song ruled the T-Series charts, gaining millions of views the day it was released and still garners loads of views till date.

Sunny Sunny– ‘Yaariyan’
Kakkar started topping charts in 2014 with ‘Sunny Sunny’ from ‘Yaariyan’. This Honey Singh composition and collaboration re-introduced her into every household. It became a youth anthem but there wasn’t an age group where it wasn’t recognized. Kakkar’s voice was peppy, happy and a much needed change from the vocals the audience was used to listening to.

These tunes are only a few of Kakkar’s countless songs that she is globally known for. Her voice and persona remain unmatched and continues to rule the music charts. wishes Kakkar a birthday full of happiness!