Birthday Love: Kareena Kapoor Khan – Fierce & fabulous

Shyama Sudra



There are many words that describe Kareena Kapoor Khan. Having begun her acting career at the tender age of 20 back in 2000, nobody had anticipated the strong woman she has become today. She is amongst the many that are paving the way for women to become their own, especially when it came to her film choices and portraying a particular kind of character, that represent different types of women.

As Kapoor Khan turns 38 on 21st September, looks at five fierce and fabulous characters that the actress has played, which not only contributed to her own success but played a huge part in exampling ways in which actresses can lead a film.

‘Chameli’ (2003)
Despite her choice of work as a prostitute, Chameli is kind, thoughtful and seems to know how to get out of any situation. When an investment banker finds himself having to spend his evening with her, he finds she is far from his own idea of what women in her profession are like. Helping those who need it most, protecting herself and even getting him out of trouble, Chameli ends up giving the man a chance to think differently about all that he knew.

Just as she was about to be categorised as a typical Bollywood heroine, Kapoor Khan impressed critics and audiences alike when she took the risk to play Chameli. Her performance came as a pleasant surprise and was a glimpse of things come.

‘Omkara’ (2006)
Being saved from marrying the wrong man by her love Omkara or Omi, Dolly Mishra goes against her father to stand by her love. The disappointment from her father after she admits to eloping, only makes her love grow, where she ensures she stands side by side with her Omi in whatever may come, even as he goes from gang leader to politician.

She may have not been the main character in the film, but Kapoor Khan definitely stood out. She played Dolly in such a clever way, where she made her character Omkara’s equal in their relationship, rather than he be the one to always save her. This was the actress’ way of proving there’s still more to her than many thought, where despite having a big star cast, it was her people would remember.

‘Bewafaa’ (2005)
When her sister passes away after giving birth to twins, it falls upon Anjali to save her brother-in-law and her nieces from a broken family, even if this means leaving her own true love, her home and even the country. Instantly becoming a wife and a mother, she tries her best to be the perfect housewife. And despite failing at winning the heart of her new husband, being faced with her true love again and having to reject their love once more, she carries on trying. Anjali depicts the very essence of how far women have been expected to go for the happiness of others.

Though this film had not fared very well at the Box Office, it was Kapoor Khan who caught the attention of the audiences the most. Here she represented a character, whom women, in particular, could relate to in terms of giving things up for her own happiness, not living up the expectations through no fault of her own, and being resilient in succeeding in what she is expected to do. Kapoor Khan portrayed Anjali in such a way, that many of the things she went through were a lot of the audience’s reality.

‘Jab We Met’ (2007)
Geet is probably the happiest, most optimistic person anyone would ever meet. With a fierce attitude, she’s hyper, she’s chatty and she is absolutely full of life. To quote herself, she is her own favourite. So when Aditya finds out she’s been dumped by her boyfriend whom she said she would run away and marry, he knew he would have to return a favour of bringing her back up to the person she is, just as she did for him when they first met. Little did he know, there would a be a love blossoming between the two of them.

If one would meet Geet in real life, they would definitely feel the same as Aditya did when he first met her. Irritated and annoyed. However, Kapoor Khan yet again added her grace and charm to the character, where she made her audiences fall in love with her. It was easy to see that she definitely had fun playing Geet, and much of the morals that her character lived by, is one the actress herself encourages others to go by; especially when it comes to loving one’s self. Through this role, Kapoor Khan made it easier for people to accept loving themselves a little more, following their dreams and having a lot more fun, are some of the best and most important things in life.

‘Ki & Ka’ (2016)
Kia a headstrong, career driven businesswoman married to an equally strong headed, macho man, whose call in life is to be a house-husband just like his late house-wife mother was. Depicting an unconventional couple, where some object to their socially unorthodox lifestyle, only making Kia and Kabir’s love and respect for each other grow, they are able to thrive in their own positions, through simply supporting each other. And despite their relationship at times being tested, they continue to show the world, that a relationship is more about working together as equals, rather than in gender roles.

If anyone could do justice to a role like this, Kapoor Khan was the perfect choice. By exampling a character who wanted it all and got it, the actress illustrated how times are changing for women especially. Though in many societies, there is still much work to be done for the way women are treated, Kapoor Khan definitely played this role unapologetically, making a stand for women all over the world and showing how a woman can thrive in a so-called man’s work/life position.

Kapoor Khan’s accomplishments exceed that of many of her peers. Her ability to own the camera, and be the one everyone is looking at despite sharing the screen space with many other big names, is something that has worked in her favour. Her commendable performances are a sheer joy to watch on screen, where she gives a part of her real self in each character. Kapoor Khan is one actress who doesn’t listen to the rules and has made her own mark by doing so. wishes Kareena Kapoor Khan a very happy birthday!