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Birthday Love: Jackie Shroff’s most iconic love songs

Jackie Shroff marked his debut in ‘Hero’ in 1983 and right from that first film, he’s had a career of some fantastic songs. Always known for his charm and the popularity he has with the female fandom, the actor has enjoyed being a sex symbol somewhat all throughout his career. looks back at some of the actor’s most iconic romantic tracks, of which there are many!

Tu Mera Hero Hai – ‘Hero’
This was the film that launched Shroff into Bollywood as the quintessential hero and with him playing the protagonist, his chemistry with Meenakshi Sheshadri hit the right spot too. In the title track of the film, the two are seen in a sweet and romantic bond which seals the deal, so to speak. And the song is unforgettable even today.

Tera Naam Liya – ‘Ram Lakhan’ (1989)
Shroff’s pairing with Dimple Kapadia is arguably one of his career best and in ‘Ram Lakhan’ he took on the role of elder brother to Anil Kapoor. However, this didn’t mean he didn’t get his share of romance. In this particular song, he’s seen through a keyhole by Kapadia when she is a little annoyed her hasn’t met her in so many days. Memorable to say the least.

Sun Beliya – ‘100 Days’ (1991)
Who can forget Shroff appearing on a beach on a speedboat to declare his love for Madhuri Dixit? Any 90s lover will remember this song and the romance between the two actors, on screen. Shroff’s enthusiasm in the song is so memorable and this remains one of SP Balasubramanyum’s best too.

O Rabba – ‘Sangeet’ (1992)
It doesn’t get more romantic than this one. Reuniting with Dixit once again, Shroff sees her in dream sequences in this song. In the film, she is blind but the dancing and melody is still on another level for Dixit. The two actors compliment one another a lot so make this one of Shroff’s most romantic tracks.

Meri Saanson Mein Tum – ‘Aaina’ (1993)
‘Aaina’ was a film which carved a place for itself with the audiences mostly because of it’s fabulous soundtrack. In this specific song, Shroff is seen with Amrita Singh as the two relay their love for one another. It’s another story that the plot doesn’t see it last but the song was indeed one to remember.

Hai Rama – ‘Rangeela’ (1995)
Romantic and sensual are two words that can describe this track, in which Shroff shares the screen with Urmila Matondkar. ‘Rangeela’ broke many norms but the glamour that came with the way this film’s songs were shot was completely fresh for that era. Shroff and Matondkar’s chemistry was exquisite and this remains one the best for Shroff even today. wishes Jackie Shroff a very happy birthday.