Birthday Love: Five times Salman Khan played a singer on screen


This actor has been in Bollywood for over 20 years and in these years he has tried experimenting in different areas of the industry. He has wrote stories, he has acted, introduced new faces and he has sang in quite a few films.

In 2014 he sang a song called Hangover for the film ‘Kick’, then a year later he lent his vocals for the title track Main hoon hero tera for the film ‘Hero’ (2015).

27th December marks the birthday of the gifted actor Salman Khan therefore will look at five films that had Khan in the role of a singer.

‘Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega’ (2000)
Raj (Khan) is an aspiring singer who moves to Mumbai in the hope of fulfilling his lifelong dream. However destiny has other plans as he ends up getting involved in something that will change his life forever. With the help of a friend and other coincidences he manages to step closer to his goal of becoming a superstar.

Every frame with Khan showed a man who was desperate to become a singer. Aisa pehli baar hua hai was such a song that expressed all his desires of being on a stage.

‘Yuvvraaj’ (2008)
This family drama had another major theme within the film which was music. Deven (Khan) is a struggling singer in love with a cello artist named Anushka (Katrina Kaif). While he has many problems in his life music is something that he enjoys and he later learns that it is something that runs in the family, as his brother Gyanesh (Anil Kapoor) has some musical talent too.

Tu hi toh meri dost hai
saw Khan performing effortlessly on a beautiful melody.

‘London Dreams’ (2009)
A story of love, jealousy, friendship and of course music. When two friends fall for the same girl their friendship takes a bitter turn. Since Arjun (Ajay Devgn) was a child he had a passion for music and dreamt of performing at the Wembley stadium.

His friend Mannu (Khan) has been born with the gift of a melodious voice but he doesn’t take it seriously. When Arjun (Devgn) hears him sing he decides that Mannu (Khan) should join his band in London. At first all is well and the two friends enjoy being in each others company but soon seeds of doubt are borne in Arjun’s (Devgn) mind. He begins to see that Mannu (Khan) is getting appreciation for something he isn’t even serious about while he has had to strive for his dream.

Khan’s performance on the song barson yaaron was explosive, there was so much energy that he actually seemed like a rock star.

‘Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam’ (2002)

Suraj (Khan) is a well known singer with thousands of fans but if there is anyone who supports him one hundred percent, that is his best friend Radha (Madhuri Dixit Nene). From childhood their friendship has remained strong in fact so much that people seem to mistake their friendship for love. When Gopal (Shahrukh Khan) falls for Radha (Dixit Nene) he is unaware of how close their friendship is.

Khan’s character Suraj loves what he does for a living, singing at big events with crowds going wild. He appears at Radha (Dixit Nene) and Gopal’s (Shah Rukh Khan) wedding and dedicates the beautiful song taaron ka chamakta gehna ho to her.

‘Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye’ (2000)
Prem (Khan) along with his musical group sing and dance at peoples weddings. When he’s not performing he is either rehearsing or composing new songs.

When it comes to love Prem (Khan) is very unlucky and to make matters worse he is asked to sing at the engagement of a girl he loves. He struggles to sing at first but with his friends and family supporting him he does his best.

Oh Priya was a sweet song that was full of blessings and had the heartbroken Prem (Khan) sing his heart out.

The team at wishes Salman Khan a very happy birthday!

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