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Birthday Love: Five memorable songs choreographed by Prabhudheva

A man of many talents this artist who is known around the world for his dancing has also tried his hand at acting, producing, directing and last but not least choreography. The Tamil film ‘Kadhalan’ (1994) which was dubbed in Hindi as ‘Humse Hai Muqabala’ (1994) was the one that got this actor noticed. AR Rahman’s Muqabala Muqabala had the audience mesmerised as they were experiencing something never seen or heard before in Indian cinema. The sounds of the wild west, an invisible dancing man who almost resembles the late Michael Jackson in his dance style. The public was wowed.

This genius is none other than Mr Prabhudheva who on the 3rd April will be celebrating his 48th birthday. Therefore on this day, will look back at five songs that the talented man has choreographed.

Kay Sera Sera from ‘Pukar’ (2000)
While the whole album was quite pleasant to listen to it was this track that got people dancing like never before. With the queen of dance Madhuri Dixit Nene and the dance genius Prabhudeva, history was to be made. Nobody ever thought that these two very different style of dancers would be able to dance in sync so well together. Boy people were surprised but in a good way. Nene matched the complex steps of Prabhudheva with such ease that the audience couldn’t get enough of them. With AR Rahman’s addictive beats Prabhudheva created the perfect choreography to compliment his vision.

It is said that Prabhudheva was nominated the Star Screen Award for Best Choreography for this song and we can see why.

Suraiyya from ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ (2018)
Out of the many songs that Katrina Kaif has performed on this is one that not many may know of. Musically it doesn’t grasp the listeners attention much but if one was to talk about the way it was choreographed by Prabhudheva then a lot can be said. Many have praised Kaif for her performance on this song because of how difficult the choreography was. The audience has now gotten used to seeing Kaif doing dance numbers in films which was perhaps why Prabhudheva knew he had to come up with something unique for this song. While watching the song one can sense Prabhudheva’s mark all over it with Kaif doing some intense spins that look extremely painful to do. Also the lifts that almost look like one has re winded the song. Kaif put her all into this song as did Prabhudheva with his choreography.

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon from ‘Lakshya’ (2004)
Ever since his first film Hrithik Roshan has been regarded as an actor who can not only act but also dance remarkably well. When it came to this song Prabhdheva knew what he was working with therefore he decided to push Roshan to do his best. The dance steps were strange but they managed to stick in the viewers minds. After watching the song many would try to replicate the moves done by Roshan but would struggle greatly. If anything Main Aisa Kyun Hoon is a song that is not only associated with Roshan but will also be tied with Prabhudheva because of his creative dance steps.

Rowdy Baby from ‘Maari 2’ (2018)
When talent is combined with talent nothing but a masterpiece will be created and in this case that is what happened. Dhanush is a renowned artist who can sing, dance, act and even create films. Actress, Sai Pallavi in a short amount of time has become a name that no one can forget in the world of dance. Once Pallavi starts to dance it is hard to keep your eyes off her especially in this song. From some quick spins to some hip hop moves this song has everything. Prabhdheva did an excellent job with the choreography in this song, it is eye catching and keeps the audience entertained from start to finish.

Gandi Baat from ‘R… Rajkumar’ (2013)
When this song first released there was a lot of buzz around it regarding its interesting lyrics. However when the actual video was presented to the audience they were blown away by Shahid Kapoor’s dance steps. It was said that around the filming of this song Kapoor had damaged his toe and was in extreme pain while performing on the song. When one watches the song it is hard to imagine that such was the case as Kapoor is dancing with such passion and energy. The steps were extremely fast and consisted of twists and jumps that leave the viewer gob smacked.

Prabhudheva has the ability to bring out the talent in every artist. He knows what he can expect from an actor in terms of dancing even if the actor themselves didn’t know they could do it.

The team at wishes the talented Prabhudheva a very happy birthday!