Birthday Love: Aditya Roy Kapur’s different characters


Most of the characters that Aditya Roy Kapur has enacted have one thing in common, they are all creative. As 16th November is the birthday of this young actor  will look at five characters that Roy Kapur has tried to essay in his films.

The time traveller in ‘Action Replayy’ (2009)


Roy Kapur played the role of a young man who wanted to fix the problems in his parent’s disastrous marriage. In order to do this Bunty (Roy Kapur) goes back in time with the help of a time machine and helps his father to win over his mother. Roy Kapur’s character was an essential part of the film because it is Bunty who interacts with all the other characters in the film from Akshay Kumar who plays his father to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who plays his mother.

Roy Kapur was funny and his comic timing was spot on. What made his role work so well was his chemistry with Kumar. In the film they were father and son but the way the son had to explain matters to his father was hilarious as it should be the other way round and he constantly points this out.

A singer in ‘Aashiqui 2’ (2013)


This Mohit Suri directorial made the critics take notice of Roy Kapur and his leading lady Shraddha Kapoor. The story revolved around a singer who has tasted fame but still finds no peace. He comes across a girl who has a passion for singing and has the talent to make it big. He decides to help make her career but along the way has to battle the world to accomplish this task. Roy Kapur showcased various sides to his role from a passionate musician to a troubled alcoholic as well as an angry young man. It was a serious role and he fit the character really well making the audiences believe that he is in fact a singer.

An artist in ‘Fitoor’ (2013)

Aditya Roy Kapur Fitoor 340x

When you mix Charles Dicken’s work with Abhishek Kapoor’s direction you get ‘Fitoor’. Audiences were anxiously waiting for this film as the trailers were filled with drama, tension, romance and beauty. Katrina Kaif played the role of Firdaus the inspiration of the main character Noor (Roy Kapur). When Noor lays eyes on Firdaus for the first time he is infatuated with her, it is only with time that he realises that this feeling is love. From a young age Roy Kapur’s character is shown to be creative and as he grows up, his love for art grows stronger.

Roy Kapur embraced his character of a Kashmiri boy with the traditional Kashmiri costumes, he looked the part and every scene that showed Noor working on his art projects looked as though he knew what he was doing especially with the metal sculptures that he was working on.

The loyal friend in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ (2013)


With a fresh and young star cast this film did wonders at the box office. Avinash (Roy Kapur) known to his friends as Avi is a laid back sort of guy who likes to live in the moment and doesn’t think about the consequences. Avi values his friendship with Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) a lot and he has a dream that in the future the both of them will open a bar together however Bunny has other goals in life. Roy Kapur’s character liked to gamble, drink and flirt with girls but was unaware that one of his friends Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) actually had feelings for him.

There is one scene where both friends Avi and Bunny start to fight. Avi reveals how hurt he is at his friend’s behaviour and the fact that he went away and never looked back. The friendship between the two friends was believable and quite real due to their great chemistry.

An aspiring magician in ‘Guzaarish’ (2010)


Although the film didn’t get the results it required at the box office it explored a topic that perhaps hasn’t been experimented with in Bollywood before. The story was about a famous magician who after an unfortunate accident is paralysed and has been told that he can never be cured. He has people who love and care for him but still he seeks permission from the court to end his life.

Here enters Omar Siddiqui (Roy Kapur) a young man who wants to learn from the best. Roy Kapur’s character was playful but at the same time determined to get Ethan (Hrithik Roshan) to teach him all he knows in magic. Roy Kapur had a fairly small role in the film but when he came onscreen he couldn’t be missed.  wishes Aditya Roy Kapur a happy birthday and all the best for his future projects.

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