Bipasha Basu is said to have refused to share the catwalk where fellow actress Chitrangada Singh was also present.

Mumbai Mirror reports that the organisers of this recently concluded couture week were left in a tizzy when Basu rejected to share the stage with the “junior” actress.

The finale consisted of Basu, Singh and filmmaker Madhur Bhandrakar. The jewellery brand that had invited the trio, changed the choreography of the finale.

The organiser Sunil Sethi told Mumbai Mirror, “I didn’t have any control over this segment as it was put together by the jewellery brand. What the stars did was their decision. I was surprised not to see them taking the final bow together. Bipasha’s secretary informed my team that Bipasha had certain objections.”

“For me, a showstopper is a showstopper. And I think Chitrangada and Madhur did it for us. Chitrangada brought life into the show and Madhur’s confidence had to be seen to be believed,” he raved.