Bipasha Basu happy with horror film offers

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Audiences can still be a little sceptical about the horror genre of films, which is probably why many A list stars don’t want to do them. However one actress who is rather content in doing such films is Bipasha Basu.

In the midst of promoting India’s first 3D horror film ‘Creature 3D’, NDTV��report Basu stating, “Everyone keeps asking me why I do horror films. I don’t know what it is but there is some kind of connect. I feel the genre is not so important the story telling is. In a film like ‘Creature’, where I have a fantastic role then why shouldn’t I do it. In real life, I still get scared soon. Nothing has changed on that front.”

Having done a number of supernatural films such as ‘Raaz (2002), ‘Raaz 3’ (2012) and ‘Aatma’ (2013), the actress goes onto explain how she doesn’t even mind being labelled for doing such projects. “You can call me whatever you want ‘horror queen’, ‘fear goddess’ or anything I am happy with it. I have done lot of supernatural films and all kind of films have that element of fear, horror. ‘Creature’��is different from ghost, spirit and supernatural films. It has an element of fear,” she stated.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, ‘Creature 3D’ will also star Pakistani actor Imran Abbas and is set to hit the silver screens on 12th September.