Bipasha Basu calms a nervous Emraan Hashmi

Bipasha Basu calms Emraan Hashmi's nerves?
Bipasha Basu calms Emraan Hashmi's nerves?

Emraan Hashmi is known very well for his serial kisser tag. However, it seems the bold actor has recently become a little more reserved than the audiences are used to. He recently admitted that his co-star in the forthcoming ‘Raaz 3’ had to calm him down when a kissing scene was being filmed.

Talking to zoOm, the actor confessed, “I still get pretty nervous while shooting for kissing scenes or getting ‘intimate’ with a co-star. It’s not like I’m a pro, you know? In fact, while shooting for the kissing scene in ‘Raaz 3′, Bipasha had to calm my nerves and tell me that it was okay…!”

Could it be that Basu is the lady that has knocked Bollywood’s serial kisser for six? Well, certainly seems that way.

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  1. I don’t see a problem with BBC Asian Network. If bollywood pulls in the ratings then of course that’s what they should be playing more off.

    When they were not pulling in the figures they had to rejig…. It’s what every successful business would and should do; so they are obviously doing their jobs and listening to their audience and now its RAJAR figures speaks for itself.

    If I want distinctive content (homegrown, urban, bhangra etc) I can choose to watch Brit Asia TV, but I prefer listening to Bollywood that too without hearing Ravi Sharma’s voice during an ad break.

    I personally don’t like Asian regional programmes and Old songs, so I am thankful that they are all on this Sunday. After Raj & Pablo’s Sunday show I don’t listen to BBC Asian Network for the rest of the day and this used to be the only time during the week I listened to Sunrise.

    I have been an avid listener to the network for the last 8-9 years and I think they are all doing a fantastic job.

    So long live BBC Asian Network – on in my house from 6am-10pm/ 6 days a week.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s the quality of its output that sets BBC Asian Network apart from the Commercial stations. Sabras being an exception to the rule.

      I think more broadcast time should go into its journalism.

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