With five weeks gone, the latest ‘Bigg Boss 5’ evictee has been confirmed as Mandeep Bevli.

Being the first female captain of the house during the third week of ‘Bigg Boss 5’, Mandeep aka Mandy, managed to maintain the diplomatic stance that made her everyone۪s friend – a title very few contestants can boast of.

During the course of the show, Mandeep has been seen being unwell and even suffering a skin rash. However, she always stuck to her guns and moved ahead like a trooper. Being a fair person, Mandeep rarely took sides during an argument and always tried to solve the problem from its root cause. Her cool personality and demeanour was often misunderstood as uninterested and cold a point that she has justified to hosts Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan as well.

The ex-journalist, who was also termed a lazy person by her fellow contestants, claimed to have little to no body strength, which made her incapable of participating in the daily and weekly tasks. On hearing news of Mandeep۪s eviction, contestants were surprised and bid her a tearful goodbye.