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Big B’s company to produce dramas for ZEE TV?

Amitabh Bachchan�۪s home production ABCL suffered a state of inertia for almost a decade due to immense losses. But now, Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd (ABCL) is back in action, as it plans to make a foray into television production.

It is speculated that ABCL will now be producing daily soaps for popular TV channel ZEE TV. The company will be investing in family dramas and reality shows, which are now gaining tremendous popularity in the realm of television viewership. It is said that the ‘KBC’ controversy which compelled Bachchan to quit the show could be one reason that he has decided to give STAR India Pvt. Ltd. a miss from his list. So, in all probability, he will be signing papers with ZEE TV. Amitabh�۪s participation in ZEE’s ‘Antakshari’ and Abhishek playing celebrity judge in ZEE’s ‘Cinestars Ki Khoj’ only reinforce the possibility of an ABCL-ZEE alliance.

ABCL recently produced a play called ‘Lali-Lila’. The production house is now looking at the fast-booming television domain to up its chances of success.